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Thunderkick is a young company who has grown exponentially in the past few years to become what we see in front of us today. Holding a Maltese license and having their main office located in Stockholm, they proceed operations within the iGaming industry with the ambition of providing top quality games to all of their casino clients.

What is Thunderkick? 

Starting on a strong foundation, Thunderkick has developed a top notch team with years of experience from the player-side as well as the business-side of the industry. Making sure not to outsource any of the processes involved in their game development procedures, Thunderkick do and always have done their platform development in-house. We can always respect a company which strives to do everything their own way, regardless if there might be some forks in the road initially, the delivery time and end result is always to be preferred if the company is dedicated to do things in-house.

Although Thunderkick are relatively unestablished at the moment, we can see a certain quality and dedication in their released products so far which implicates a successful business model for future releases. There is an attention to detail of which we only otherwise have seen from the likes of NetEnt when considering the graphics and animations of their Slots.

Here is a top 10 list of games provided by Thunderkick: 

Midas Golden Touch

Pink Elephants

Riders of The Storm

Carnival Queen

The Falcon Huntress

Jaguar Temple

Divine Lotus

Fruit Warp

Rocket Fellas Inc.

Dragon Horn

The games of Thunderkick

One particular detail we have found to make Thunderkick’s Video Slots to stand out is their exceptional soundtracks. In most of their games they have focused on creating an alluring music list to go along with their games, something which you just don’t see any more from game providers! 

At the moment Thunderkick have a bit more to prove as their portfolio isn’t quite so extensive yet. Although, considering how impressive their current releases have been, we are very excited to see what they will release next. So impressive are they in fact, that we have assured to have each and every Video Slot released by Thunderkick available for our players straight away. 
Thunderkick have been able to impress the industry in a way unseen before as they clearly put a lot of work into their game releases. From a player point of view, the Video Slots are unlike anything any other provider has released, they are graphically advanced while implementing a gameplay which doesn’t always necessarily conform to the classic X amount of reels and X amount of payline Slot-system. 

Specifically mentioning what the differences are in game functions from game providers will give players a good idea of what the game provider is focusing on and what they are able to produce. Consider the Slots provided by Thunderkick for a minute, they have functions and features that are not even seen among other game providers. There is a clear focus on being unique and making something that looks very different from a player perspective.

What makes Thunderkick stand out in the crowd

The difference from Thunderkick games are definately the animations and the gameplay, as you will generally not see confirming reels as in most classical Slots from average providers. The paylines will often not even be visible in most Thunderkick games, depending on the player this might be a little off-putting even though they have normal paylines and reels which aren’t displayed in the typical manner. 

With a high focus on how the Wilds, Scatters, and normal symbols animate the games typically offer a different experience each and every time they are played, at least when compared to the classical Slots. Innovation is key in any industry and we find that Thunderkick are bringing this innovation in a way we never have seen before. We can see a focus on minimalism and sheer quality rather than quantity, a feat not often seen among game providers and should be a clear indication as to why Thunderkick are so popular among seasoned slots players, they simply offer something new. 

The Video Slot games offered by Thunderkick particularly displays well on mobile and tablet devices as the animation suddenly becomes interactive. This is something that only truly can be experienced by trying the games, the way the symbols sort of fly at you is really cool and will make you feel like you are playing a graphically advanced game as opposed to playing a classic one armed bandit. Another reason as to why online casinos are simply incomparable to their land-based alternatives, the games are just so much more advanced in a way that can never be rivalled by the land based machines. 

The games provided by Thunderkick are all most versatile, and they offer different things with every new release. What you can always expect though, is a thought-through concept with well-made graphics, layouts, and a whole lot of different themes and attributes. 

The best of Thunderkick 

The mentioned games above, all showcase what we stated above. They are all in the top 10 list for a reason, and mostly because of their high entertainment value. Players loves the games, and so do we. It is simply impossible not to when it comes to Thunderkick. 

Birds on a Wire is a well-known and liked game that offers its players 5 reels and 17 pay-lines. It is a video slot which brings something truly unique to the table, really provin what Thunderkick is capable of. Thunderkick is amazing when it comes to creating Slot experiences which feels unique and sleek. Birds of a Wire is a perfect example of that. Here, players will be spinning their way through Dropping Symbols, High Voltage Multipliers and the Infinity Spin feature. 

Dropping symbols involve winning combinations getting replaced as they are hit, so if the player hits a winning combo they have another chance to win again in the same spin. This will continue on the same bet as long as winning combinations are hit. 
Every time the winning combinations are hit they will activate the High Voltage multiplier, where each successful spin will add x1 to the multiplier. 

There is also a unique Bonus Feature to be won in Birds on a Wire, where 10 free spins will be rewarded to the player upon getting 3 or more of the Bonus symbols in sequence on any spin. Should the player get more than 3 Bonus symbols on the same round they will be rewarded with more free spins up to a maximum of 34. So to say the lease, this is a highly rewarding game and it has recently been upgraded, giving the players better graphics and features.


This young game provider has shown themselves to be heading in the right direction in terms of design and implementation of their video slots, we are superbly excited by each and every release coming from Thunderkick and for good reasons. We currently offer 11 different games in fun styles for you to enjoy from. So head on over to our game selection to try them out for yourself! 

If you wisht to read more information about this gaming giant, you can click here and visit the website.