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Age of Akkadia Jackpots Introduction 

The Akkadian Empire was the first ancient empire of Mesopotamia, the region covering present-day Iraq and parts of Iran, Syria, Kuwait and Turkey. It was centred in the city of Akkad, and reached its peak between the 24th and 22nd centuries BC following the conquests of its founder, Sargon of Akkad. However the location of the historical Akkad has not been found, despite numerous attempts, hampering our understanding of this ancient empire. That said this period remains as fascinating as ever, and now has even inspired a game. Enter Red Tiger with Age of Akkadia, a slot with an interesting cluster-style pay mechanic matching its dramatic stylings. Wins in this game are formed by landing 3 or more symbols in adjacent positions either vertically or horizontally. The symbols making a winning combination disappear, leading to any symbols on top to drop and leaving an empty space behind. This is important, since in the lowest 3 rows the symbols cover the word "BONUS". Reveal it in full for a round of free spins that adds multipliers behind the symbols! And that's not all one can discover in this historical slot, so let us take a closer look at Age of Akkadia and find out what else lies in store! 

Age of Akkadia Jackpots Game Features 

Age of Akkadia is a slot set on 5 reels and 5 rows with a cluster-style win system. Winning combinations are formed by landing 3 or more symbols in adjacent positions either vertically or horizontally. The symbols making part of a winning combination are removed from the reels, leaving a wild behind them. In turn this can form more winning combinations. As for the symbols found on the reels, the game has a selection of 8, which are equally divided between high and low pays. The king, bull, lion and eagle are the high pays, while the low-paying symbols consist of the familiar spade, heart, diamond and club card suits. As mentioned earlier symbols making part of a win disappear, revealing what is behind them. This is important, since in the lower 3 rows is the word "BONUS". This shifts position with each spin and, if fully revealed, will activate the free spins feature! The minimum bet is € 0.1 and the max. bet is € 40. 

Age of Akkadia Jackpots Free Spins and Bonuses 

Fully reveal the "BONUS" behind the symbols for 10 free spins. This round can be retriggered by, once again, revealing the "BONUS" and adds 3 multipliers behind the symbols. These hold a value of up to 10x and shift in random positions on the reels. Revealing a multiplier applies its value to the round multiplier, which remains active for the duration of the free spins. This way the round multiplier can reach up to 30x, and is applied to the payout each winning combination.

In addition, the Jackpots version of Age of Akkadia includes the Red Tiger jackpot feature. This can be triggered randomly by any spin, and Red Tiger says the chances of triggering the jackpot increase in correlation to the value of the stake currently in play. The value of the jackpot is progressive, and is based on all stakes on games offering the Red Tiger jackpot feature. You can check how much the current jackpot is worth in the panel on the left-hand side of the screen.

Age of Akkadia Jackpots Payouts 

The king is the highest paying of the regular symbols, with a full winning combination of 5 being worth up to 5x the bet. The bull follows at up to 4x the bet, while the lion and eagle can bring up to 3.5x and 3x respectively. Meanwhile the low-paying spade, heart, diamond and club can respectively earn you up to 2.5, 2x, 1.5x and 1x the bet. In addition, a full winning combination of 5 wilds is worth up to 10x the bet. 

Age of Akkadia Jackpots Graphics and Sound 

Red Tiger truly evokes a far-gone era in Age of Akkadia. The game is set in the entrance of what could either a palace or a temple, one whose gates rare flanked by massive statues of a bull and a lion. On each side of the screen one can also noticed the carved figures of mythical winged beasts featuring bearded human heads, while in front of the lion and bull statues are braziers filled with flickering flames. The game proper builds on this visual style, with the grid being filled with intricately detailed symbols based around carvings from this period. 

Age of Akkadia Jackpots Conclusion 

Red Tiger manages to bring a historical slot that is unique in every way with Age of Akkadia. After all, here is a slot based around a relatively obscure historical period that includes a different take on the typical cluster slot. Are you set to reveal the BONUS by forming as many winning combinations as possible? Then make sure to check out Age of Akkadia here at Videoslots Casino today! 

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.

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