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Once upon a time, a group of young game enthusiasts teamed up with an equally dedicated group of graphic designers to start their own journey – one of becoming one of the biggest and best game suppliers for the iGaming markets. Since 2011, their dreams and ideas came to life with a grand launch into the online casino markets and quickly took it by storm. This is SUNFOX Games!

Right now we offer the following games by SUNFOX Games;

3 Blind Mice

Cash Mix

What is SUNFOX Games? 

SUNFOX Games is a fascinating company which strives to create and deliver outstanding and creative casino games, as well as setting new standards for production value, innovation, and player excitement. To achieve this goal, they all combined their forces, being in both graphics as well as the mathematics of it. In addition to this, the SUNFOX team works with some of the most well-known companies in the casino industry to make their products even better. 

The SUNFOX team consist of developers, designers, and graphic designers who all are young, yes, but all also with vast experience and knowledge in the industry. The collaboration between these various departments are the reasons why the company has achieved such success in the short span of 7 years in the industry, already offering a great, big portfolio of games. 

SUNFOX Games has its headquarters in the beautiful capital of Austria, Vienna. From these offices, the company creates and develops first-class products and then sell them forward to numerous European countries. To do this professionally, the company holds licenses from the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. This shows players and casino operators how important SUNFOX Games is when it comes to responsible gaming and the knowledge of how to keeping it safe and handling it carefully. 

SUNFOX partners

Many of today´s new game suppliers work with some of the biggest names in the industry to benefit from the knowledge and platforms many of them offers. For SUNFOX Games, one of these inspirational partners is Leander Games, which is one of the most popular suppliers in today´s online gaming sector. But the partnership with Playtech and GTS (Gaming Technology Solutions) are another two partners, both also known names in the industry. 

Leander Games holds a platform that supports 26 languages and operates according to AGCC standards. They're, and now also SUNFOX Games, Slots are all playable via any mobile smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can read more about Leander Games here.

The SUNFOX Video Slots

Many new game suppliers choose between either focusing on quality, or quantity – with the first mentioned being the better option for both players and providers. SUNFOX Games has chosen exactly that and puts a lot of emphasis on it. That also explains why the game portfolio isn’t that big just yet – as they rather add high-class, innovative, and flawless games – rather than many with less work put into them. 

We know that the Video Slots offered by SUNFOX Games are a sure success and have all been bedazzled with fun features and vivid themes. You won´t just encounter Wilds, Multipliers, Free Spins, and well-planned out Bonuses, you will also enjoy creative and beautiful graphics and designs. 

SUNFOX Games itself feels that The Casino Job Video Slot and The Glass Slipper Video Slot were their best titles of 17´. Today, the company offers a selection of 7 Video Slots – all with carious, fun themes and creative designs. 

The portfolio at

3 Blind Mice is an entertaining Video Slot which presents three blind, but nimble mice. They have lodged in a pantry, where they feed the poor woman´s winter supplies. The cheese is, of course, the first choice for the mice, which is why they are also Wild and can activate the games´ Bonus Feature. Whether you prefer random Bonuses, Bonus Mini Games, Hau-Den-Lukas, or Spreading Wilds, everything will surely be taken care of in this Video Slot. 

But this is only one game by SUNFOX Games, although 3 Blind Mice is the perfect example of the high-quality graphics found among the games of this suppliers´ portfolio.  


SUNFOX Games has an exciting time behind, and ahead, of them – thanks to the team, the upcoming releases are sure to be just as good, if not even better. But until then, and until we can grant you more of SUNFOX at, you can spin away with the 3 Blind Mice. We cannot wait to see the next move made by this innovative, creative and brilliant game supplier! 

If you wish to know more about SUNFOX Games, you can do so right here