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Spinmatic is a talented producer of all things slots: classic slots, jackpots slots and progressive jackpot slots as well. Together with the brains and talents at Spinmatic, they aim to release 30 exciting new games every year. Spinmatic themselves would describe these releases as ground-breaking, totally new games boasting unique features with extra special animations, but you’ll see that for yourself if you take a Spinmatic slot for a spin. 

Their slots are aimed to provide operators the chance to bring their dreams to life by helping them create their own exciting games using their expertise and experience. 

Read on to find out more about this spin-tastic provider and how they’re making a name for themselves in this competitive industry!

Games by Spinmatic offered on our casino 

This is just the beginning for all the games to come from Spinmatic to our casino. 

Calico Jack 

Egyptian Stone 

Baby Blue 


Book of Eon 

El Fuego 

Lama Glama 



Real Life Super Heroes Lite

Keep an eye out for more epic Spinmatic games to join our portfolio from this point forward! 

Spinmatic is Born

In 2012, Spinmatic was born as a small company based in Malta. Soon, they began to expand to become a global company, opening an office in Istanbul in 2013 and an office in Spain in 2016. Their first game was launched in October of 2016, 4 years after they established themselves. It took them a while to find their footing, but as you’ll soon see, their first release was a strong example of what this company can do.

Spinmatic’s Vision and Mission

Spinmatic’s vision is simple: to be a company that stands out from the crowd by revolutionising the world of slot by identifying, understanding, and delivering according to the needs of their operators. Their mission is to produce nothing but high quality, original video slots that players simply love to play, over and over again!

In 2016, they went on to release 3 games as soon began making successful appearances at major iGaming events. In 2017, Malta became their official headquarters and in the same year, released an amazing number of 7 games as well! 

By 2017, the company was ready to begin involving itself further in the iGaming industry, making their first appearance at the major gaming B2B gaming event, ICE Totally Gaming. Later on in the same year, they made another successful appearance at the G2E Asia Macao event. Their appearance at these major events is probably why they also secured their first client in September of 2017! 

From then on, Spinmatic continued to grow more and more, taking part in major iGaming events and conventions such as Enada Rome - an important exhibition in Southern Europe dedicated to the iGaming sector - the EIG Arena in Berlin, and even the Sigma iGaming summit in Malta. By now, the company has secured more clients and continues to make more successful appearances at major events in the iGaming industry, making a great name for themselves!

Spinmatic’s recipe for success 

All Spinmatic games are created using the latest HTML5 technology and are available to play on all devices. This is one of the main reasons behind their success as it allows for their games to be compatible across multiple platforms from the time the games are launched. As soon as their games are launched, players will be able to enjoy them wherever they are and on any device they want to play on. 

Spinmatic focuses a lot on the operator’s needs, creating and delivering many games for different operators, tailor-made to suit their needs and visions. They help operators realise their own goals thanks to their expert team of developers, designers, and artists. 

However, they’ve also developed a modest portfolio of their own, which is the perfect example of quality slots over mass-made slots produced in order to create a huge portfolio. 

Spinmatic’s style

Spinmatic currently focuses on video slots only, which is a common move for many game providers considering that slots are the most popular online casino games amongst players. They’ve done an outstanding job of developing a stellar game portfolio which vivid graphics and creative gameplay. All their games are developed using the same framework, but no two games are alike, which is definitely impressive considering that as of 2018, their portfolio consisted of no more 20 games.

What will immediately stand out in their games is their stunning artwork, reflecting an impressive level of attention and detail. Spinmatic clearly has some talented artists on their team, because their artwork and character design are really above the standard for slot machines.

Spinmatic games

Their first release was Egyptian Stone, quite a brave choice considering the theme has been done many times before. However, this turned out to be a good move that proved Spinmatic’s talent, as Egyptian Stone is definitely not your average Egyptian-themed slot! The design of the game is one of its strongest features, with a beautiful Egyptian-inspired setting along with its great story and highly satisfying bonus features.

They set the standards high with their first release, but they definitely kept the same standard for all the games that followed. Spinmatic eventually became more experimental and creative with their games, producing games like Galacnica, for example. This is an amazing game with the most original, brilliant character design. It features strange little alien creatures geared up to dominate the world. Another game offering exciting gameplay with a great story is the Mr.Hat slots series. This is a thrilling, crime and detective series with sci-fi elements too. 

This provider truly impressed us not only with their ability to come up with new themes and styles but also their ability to take a relatively common theme and turn it around completely! Fancy Jungle is the perfect example of this, presenting the wild animal theme like no player has seen it before. This game imagines a world where deep in the jungle, a posh casino for the rich and famous of the animal kingdom lies. How crazy is that? Well, perhaps not as crazy as the free spins to be won, the stacked multiplier wilds and the nudge feature! 

Rooster is another example, a beautifully-designed Asian-themed slot where you won’t find your standard dragons and Chinese golden coins. Instead, it’s a much more original and authentic take on the theme, based on the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle. 

Take a spin with Spinmatic!

We can go on and on about their original games, but by now you can probably tell that creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are at the heart of all Spinmatic’s games. Look out for these amazing games joining the world’s biggest online casino soon! 

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