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Spieldev Gaming

Spieldev Gaming is an Argentinian based gaming company founded by a team of young professionals with a combination of imagination, innovation, and technical know-how. They’re a relatively new online casino software provider that was founded in 2016, specialising solely in slots for the time being. According to the company, their mission is always to look for that “special something” that will make every game they create stand out from the rest.

With so many games available, Spieldev has set out to bring new and exciting content to the market. Their strategy is simple and hands-on: they play, they research the industry and their clients, and design games to appeal to all the senses. Spieldev would describe themselves in just these few words: neat, perfectionists, and here to stay!

The game we currently offer by Spieldev Gaming is;


Spieldev Gaming Portfolio

Spieldev currently focuses their talents on creating the best online slot machines and currently they offer 3 games with 5 more soon to be launched. With their focus exclusively on slot machines, this means that they put in a lot of time into truly mastering this area of the gaming business. This will become obvious if you have a look at their game releases: while their portfolio is not so large as yet, they’re clearly interested in exploring a range of different themes and gaming experiences, in order to be able to offer games that appeal to a wide range of players. 

Their releases so far all have impressive, high-quality graphics and even better, the company invests a lot of time to make sure that their players can enjoy their releases on all platforms. For a new provider, Spieldev certainly came onto the gaming scene strong, offering slick graphics, beautiful animations and great gameplay in all their games. When they say they’re perfectionists, they really mean it. 

New provider, Big Ideas

As of yet, Spieldev hasn’t become a major gaming provider and their gaming portfolio isn’t enough to provide for an entire online casino. So, till they reach that stage, Spieldev has wisely partnered with highly-regarded companies in order to be able to distribute their games all over the iGaming world, while they focus on creating the best slots they can. For example, one of their first partnerships was with Leander Games, a huge gaming provider that is well-established and highly-regarded in the gaming world. Through their partnership with Leander Games, they’re able to distribute their games to top operators without making individual arrangements themselves with each site. This is a great move for a new provider that is still working to make a name for itself in the industry. 

From classic fruity slots to movie-inspired slots

Every game currently offered by Spieldev is available to play on desktop, smartphone, tablet and any other mobile device, without compromising on quality. Their games work in both landscape and portrait mode are tailored to fit onto a smaller screen without cluttering it or the game confusing to play. 

From the games they currently offer, Spieldev is clearly working towards appealing to a broad audience of players. Their early release, Fruity 7, for example, is a classic type of slot featuring traditional fruit symbols, bells, bars, and everything lovers of traditional slot machines are used to. Still, the graphics is where Spieldev really stands out from the crowd and you can tell each game is developed with great attention to detail until it’s absolutely perfect. 

Other games explore different themes, for example Codex Jackpot, which takes inspiration from films like The Da Vinci Code, or games like Quake, telling their own story created by the imaginative minds at Spieldev. From their current releases, it’s easy to tell that they don’t simply go for over-used themes and the same set of features but will keep exploring different game engines and styles. 

So far, they’ve mostly stuck to the standard 5-reel slot, but they take that a step further with some games including reels that simply flip over to reveal symbols rather than spinning, or some slots that come with surprises. For example, mini games triggered by landing certain combinations that take place outside of the reels to spice things up and engage the player much more. 

So, what does the future hold for Spieldev Games?

The company clearly has their focus in the right place and strive to challenge themselves to bring exciting content to the market. Their aim is to satisfy their players in all aspects: from amazing visuals, sounds, and engaging gameplay with constantly changing features. You can definitely expect some surprises and above average slots from this young provider.

If we had to describe Spieldev games in one sentence, it would suffice to say they’re neat, visually-stunning, extremely detailed, and definitely unique and fun to play! Their features are well thought-out, with the player’s entertainment in mind and with a variety of inventive different ways to win prizes. 

In the 2 years since their establishment, Spieldev has also proven it’s set to become a much bigger name in the industry. Their partnership with Leander Games, for example, is already a great sign that the biggest name in the industry is taking this young provider seriously and sees huge potential in them. They’ve still got plenty of room to grow and new areas to explore, such as branching out to focus on video poker or table games. However, it’s safe to say that their releases so far show great promise, making them a company to keep a lookout for!

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Watch out for Spieldev’s brand new slot, Quake, soon to be launched at our casino. Their future releases include Pantagonia, where you get to travel all over the world and Freezing Spins, where a glacial age freezes the world as we know it today – certainly something curious to look forward to! We’re sure there will be many more games joining our casino in the near future from this exciting provider.

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