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New providers are popping up in the online gaming industry, but there seems always to be room for one more, especially if they have something special to offer. Skillzzgaming has something interesting to offer what it comes to gambling and online casino games. This Tel-Aviv based start-up was founded in 2014 but already in February 2015, it was introduced in ICE Gaming convention. And not only did Skillzzgaming made its debut there but they already lured in some interest among the operators. So it is no wonder, that even with the few games they have ready, Skillzzgaming has already climbed to some of the most respected operators’ provider lists. 

Games offered at Videoslots by Skillzzgaming;

Mega Money Rush

Fruit Blast

What is Skillzz?

Skillzzgaming is – like many new game providers in the industry – packed with experience. They have a lot of knowledge about entrepreneurship and gaming industry in general in their 3-person core team. These 3 are the founders of SkillzzGaming, all gaming enthusiasts from Israel. All of the founders have different skills, which combined form an amazing skill set. Now we could get to know the founders of Skillzzgaming a little bit better.

The brilliant founders and what they accomplished

Eran Sharar, one of the three founders of Skillzzgaming, has long experience from the industry. He has worked among online casinos and gaming for over 15 years. Previously he has worked for none less than Playtech Software as Head of Mobile. 

Lior Aziz provides the entrepreneurship knowledge for Skillzzgaming. He is one of the three founders of the company and has brought in experience from the field of entrepreneurship. Aziz has specialised in mathematics and law.

There is still the third founder of the Skillzzgaming to introduce. He is Dadi Neeman, a skilled producer. Just like the other founders, has Neeman too, a long experience in the industry. Before he used to work at 888, where he was leading a team of game designers.

The skilled games 

Now, after you have met all the founders of Skillzzgaming, you probably are convinced that they are capable of offering some amazing games. And this is exactly what they do! Even though Skillzzgaming doesn’t yet have a very vast game selection to offer, they are still constantly working to release more games; there are some in the pipeline all the time!

If you want to know what sets Skillz Gaming's games apart, you only need to read the company name. Yes, skillzz – or skills with a proper spelling – is something that players need while playing Skillzzgamings’ games. This provider doesn’t only create traditional gambling games but takes online casino games a step further. Skillzzgaming is creating something for a new generation of gamers, something where you need to know what you are doing, but you still have the excitement of luck-based gambling. 

Skillzzgaming shakes the betting entertainment platform as it is known and brings something new to online casino world. Players can still enjoy the betting and wager part of the games; there are still opportunities to win money. But what is different, is that players can’t trust only to sheer luck, but they can get better and better at Skillzzgamings Games. This means that players will have some control over the whole gaming experience. And this, in turn, keeps them interested and entertained for a longer period. 

As all video game lovers know, hands on games and games where you can develop your skills can be very interesting. Skillzzgaming has added the whole part of wagering into these games to get them even more interesting. As mentioned, Skillzzgaming doesn’t have that many games ready yet, but we could give you a taste of the fun it offers – one of their entertaining games is named Mega Money Rush and now we will take a closer look to that.

If you have lived through the golden era of game consoles, you will remember the excitement of opening new levels of the games or vanquishing the last nemesis. This is something that Mega Money Rush brings back, although with the possibility to win real money! 

Mega Money Rush is a racing game, and its graphics will take you straight back to 80’s or 90’s. At first, the player spins the reel and gets experience points, power-ups or races. By finishing races and collecting experience points, you can open new tracks and get even more entertainment out of Mega Money Rush. There are several races with nice retro feeling; you can take a jungle safari with a jeep or canyon flight with a small aeroplane, but there is a regular rally race too. So this is the actual gaming part in a nutshell, but what makes Mega Money Rush special, is that first of all, you can wager some money and second, of all, you will get better the more you play. Just practice the eye-hand coordination.


Skilzzgaming is a bit different game provider that other ones in the industry, but they really have hit in the soft spot of the gamers! The gameplay of their games is imitated quite nicely of one of the most traditional video games, with some retro vibes. They say themselves that they want to take the popular genres of the casual gaming world and bring them to online casino world by adding some nicely tailored wagering possibilities. Skilzz Gaming is really about the skills, experience, and expertise – this is what you can get from their games, like Mega Money Rush for example. 

Skillzzgaming combines skills and gambling and creates entertaining, intriguing and captivating games for all kinds of players. And by all kinds of players, we mean all kinds of players. Fans of online gaming will get the wagering fun and fans of good old video game action will get their gaming fun out of Skillzzgaming’s creations. This is definitely a provider to keep an eye out for the future, and we believe, that we will get to know some more of their skill-based casino games soon!

To find out more information about this game provider, you can visit the website here.