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Sapphire Gaming

Sapphire Gaming is an innovative games studio that has partnered with Relax Gaming as part of the Silver Bullet program. The team and brains behind it all at Sapphire Gaming is made up of artists, techies, rule-breakers and risk-takers! The artists combine striking graphics with brilliant designs in order to captivate users’ imaginations while also entertaining and engaging the players at the same time. 

Sapphire Gaming merges online slot machines and gaming by shaking things up and stepping outside of the box in order to create a new kind of gaming experience that will stand out to players, especially within the saturated market. The team at Sapphire Gaming does this and pushes limits with out-of-this-world graphics, clever mathematics, and revolutionary tools. They always keep in the mind the goal that they want to give players a refreshing gaming experience! 

At Sapphire Gaming, the tech team is always focused on learning more in order to improve on their knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest and greatest innovations. In collaboration with operators, they work diligently to develop top-notch, high quality experiences that will intrigue players to come back for more time and time again. 

Games by Sapphire Gaming offered on our casino 

We are delighted to bring Sapphire Gaming games to you here at Videoslots! To begin this integration, we are offering the following game at Videoslots: 

Jupiter’s Choice

Sapphire Gaming’s Mission and Goals 

The risk-takes and rule-breakers, along with the artists and techies at Sapphire Gaming are all dedicated and focused on creating slot games that players genuinely want to play and will enjoy time after time. The way that they do this is by combining extraordinary gaming tools with epic mathematics and remarkable graphics. 

The state-of-the-art and one of-a-kind games that the team at Sapphire Gaming creates are always targeted towards different players with the use of insightful data as well as collaborative relationships with their partners. It is in their very character and personality as a company to always move forward by testing as well as by experimenting in order to unearth better, newer methods to entertain, engage and reward.

What Sapphire Gaming offers

Sapphire Gaming offers a unique gamification tool known as The Sapphire System. What is so great about this game enhancement system is that it grants and permits players to increase the odds of their spins by establishing power-ups. Players can then earn or buy sapphires that can be exchanged for these power-ups. This one-of-a-kind gamification tool is the next revolution in slot gaming giving Sapphire Gaming a unique advantage within the gaming industry. 

Sapphire Gaming partnership 

The CPO at Relax Gaming has stated that, ‘Sapphire Gaming is an exciting prospect, backed by strong industry experience and fits seamlessly with our commitment to offer premium content’. With that being said, it’s wonderful news that Relax Gaming has expanded its Silver Bullet partner program with the addition of casino games developer Sapphire Gaming. From now on, all of Sapphire’s innovative, engaging content will be launched on Relax Gaming’s platform. 

This agreement between Relax Gaming and Sapphire Gaming was initiated to strengthen the content that is available on the Silver Bullet program. Alex Horley, the CEO of Sapphire Gaming, communicated that they are ‘delighted to partner with Relax Gaming, a significant step in realising our strategic growth ambitions. Relax Gaming’s reputation for transparent commercial delivery, open communication and support sets it apart, and we are excited to be working with the team’.

Sapphire Gaming Games 

Since it is still the beginning of Sapphire Gaming, they are working hard to release more interesting content for players. So far, they have published Jupiter’s Choice which offers a unique slot experience that is set during the days of Rome when power and kinship ruled! 

Jupiter’s Choice is a six-reel, three-row slot designed for mobile and comes with clumped reels, free games and coin multipliers in the Jupiter Choice feature. Jupiter’s Choice features a Megareel which removes all low symbols from the reels for the spin while the clumped reels will match two consecutive reels for a chance at higher payouts! The bonus trigger will activate three clumped reels in the base game and trigger the bonus wheel awarding either credits or free spins. The free spins game is epic because it guarantees at least three clumped reels and lastly, the megahit feature guarantees a minimum of 25x.

Currently, they have plans to release another slot, The Siege soon. The Siege is set in the days of medieval castle combat when troops laid waste to fortress walls in search of royal treasure rooms. This slot features bonuses like cascading rounds, siege weapons, second chances and three jackpots. The siege weapons can be used to batter the walls and break through to the next walls. The second chances feature gives you the opportunity to make it past the first wall and in case players fail to beat the next one, that doesn’t mean the end, as each wall can have multiple chances to help boost winnings. For the jackpots, if you reach the treasure rooms, you can come face to face with a prize for at least a guaranteed 75x your stake! 

Sapphire Gaming Conclusion

Sapphire Gaming is a pioneering games studio that is made up of a team of rule-breakers and risk-takers that are in pursuit of developing and creating unique gaming experiences that will bring players back time and time again. With more works in progress and an evolving portfolio, we are excited to see what is to come from Sapphire Gaming along with their collaboration with Relax Gaming and their Silver Bullet program. 

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