Battle of Slots


A company with years of experience and seasoned developers who since 2005 have been providing high-quality online video slots to casino clients. Using GiGse as a platform Rival Gaming were able to start providing their video slots officially and could realise their ambition of becoming a top contender in the online game development industry.

What is Rival Gaming? 

Rival Gaming offer over 160 unique video slot games and have as a company made sure to always adjust their programming of games to work effectively on mobile as well as desktop platforms. They have also developed the revolutionary i-Slots technology that many other companies have tried their best to replicate. 

The concept behind i-Slots is to allow the player to immerse themselves in a story-based video slot adventure while they enjoy the complex mathematics and bonus features of the game. Rival Gaming uses this function to implement a deep and enveloping storyline for the player to immerse themselves in as graphic heavy animations take place to ensure they have the most magical possible casino experience. Since the release of this feature, it has become somewhat of an industry standard which shows itself to be hugely popular among players around the world.

The Rivalling Slot selection 

After revealing their slot selection at GiGse 2006 Rival Gaming has signed agreements and acquired licensing to provide video slots to over 52 casino operators around the world. A recent addition to their video slots has been a live chat, which allows players and casino clients to contact them within their software to get advice and help regarding the game where deemed necessary. Also implementing mobile friendly software into most of their recent video slots has shown to be a necessity in the industry. 

Rival Gaming is a company that makes sure to not let its earlier games go without necessary software updates to optimise them for mobile use. This is something that casino clients love and players seem to be somewhat of a necessity. Using programming technology such as AS3, Adobe Flash, JavaScript and PHP to ensure that their games display beautifully as well as perform well on all mobile platforms.

The casino controller

Maybe not as interesting for video slots players but when considering the back office offered for casino clients by Rival Gaming we are very impressed. The system is called Casino Controller and offers unique features where online casinos have instant access to real-time reports of players’ history, this allows casinos to give the best possible customer service as well as preventing fraud and security risks. 

Rival Gaming offers a full licensing solution where everything necessary to operate an online casino successfully is provided to the client for the best possible service. This helps newer casinos get started with their games and makes sure they have everything they need to offer players a great end-user experience. 

With a simple and refreshing company philosophy, we see Rival Gaming be a company which will go very far. Simply stating that they ‘build games that players love to play and provide services and support to bring those games to the market effectively!’ Also making sure to work closely with the casino client to ensure the game is provided to the players the way it was meant to be played. 

The games

The company offers an extensive and diverse game portfolio that consists of over 160 top quality video slots, table games, video poker, scratch cards, customary games and of course i-Slots. All of the games mentioned are available in the web browser or as downloadable games for desktop play. Rival Gaming has also recreated some of their most popular video slots into mini-slots, which can be played simultaneously along with sports betting, poker and bingo games. Rival Mobile also offers over 30 mobile friendly games which work superbly well along with most mobile devices, we are also seeing a trend of recreating older video slots for mobile users to expand aforementioned portfolio. 


These are just a small part of all the games brought to you by Rival gaming. You can enjoy any of the 160 unique video slots provided by Rival Gaming by entering our games section under their portfolio. Online Video slots from the provider can be enjoyed equally well on mobile as well as desktop platforms and will offer a unique and immersive experience no matter what you choose to play on. 

Read more about Rival here, visiting their website.