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PearFiction Studios

With a smooth brand-name and an impressive business, PearFiction is quickly making its way to the top of the industry names. The general idea is humour and fun experiences, both with the employees, the actual products, and the work they end up providing to their operating partners. 

Creating state-of-the-art casino games is the main goal of the company – and we are about to display how they get there. 

The game we currently offer by PearFiction Studios is;

The Smashing Biscuit 

Outer Space Invaders 

All about PearFiction Studios

PearFiction Studios is a fairly new company, launched only 4 years ago – in 2014, with a general idea to start creating casual and easy-going mobile games for iOS and Androids. They started with a launch of a dozen games and managed to entertain a whopping 5 million players during the two first years in operations – so as you see, it was a quick rise to the top for them. 

The company is privately owned and operates from Montreal, Canada. It develops and licenses games for the regulated online gaming industry, and they have a full team working tirelessly to bring engaging and innovative games to attract players, and to keep the loyal players coming back for more.  

The perfection process of PearFiction

To build the brilliant games of PearFiction Studios, they have teams that focus solely on concepts, gameplay, math models, creating artworks, animations, as well as suiting music, sound effects and programming – meaning that everything is done in-house. They also work alongside licensed casino operators, many of the biggest in the world, as well as integration partners and other game developers to build exclusive custom-made games. As mentioned, the goal is simply to keep creating state-of-the-art casino games that are timeless – there is a reason they call themselves “PearFictionists”. 

The history

As mentioned, PearFiction Studios was founded as late as in 2014. The year after its launch, they released the so-called PowerUp Slots ™ - their very first stab of testing the gameplay theories and improving the social slot experience. The game then landed the number 5 spot in the casino category of the US iTunes store in December 2015. 

In 2016, PearFiction Studios took a big chance and step from mobile games to real money games. The very first real money Slot machine was being built and a new HTML5 game framework designed to accommodate mobile devices and desktop playability as well. In 2017 the company signed an exclusive agreement with Leander Games to release its first 4 games through the Leander platform – these games being Gustavo El Luchador, Outerspace Invaders, FishNChips, and PugsLife. The following year they agreed on the same matter with the all-time favourite platform, Quickfire. 

Not until 2018 though, Gustavo El Luchador was officially released – now offered at

The games

The online casino games are slightly fewer than the mobile games collection – so far. Right now, you can find 3 games in the Video Slot portfolio, with more coming up shortly. 

The casual mobile games are what they started out with – and there are plenty of those. There are 12 games, one of which is a unique and all-time-first puzzle game to spice things up a bit. This one is for a player who craves a challenge – in Colorgon you need to collect colours to finish a puzzle, much like the Rubik’s Cube in ways.

But then what about what we can offer you at  

Gustavo El Luchador is a Video Slot is about the young yet huge, Gustavo, who daydreams about becoming a champion luchador. At his 4 feet and 80 pounds, he doesn’t feel very hopeful though – at least not until PearFiction got involved. 

Lucha Libre is the inspiration behind this game, which surely we have seen in other games – just not like this. You will see incredibly humoristic animations and symbols on the reels while wrestling your way to the wins. The gameplay comes with some juicy surprises, including a Pick Me Bonus, Gustavo Wilds, Free spins, special reels, and much more. You simply have to play it to win it – like Gustavo would have said. 

We are positive that this entertaining and fun game supplier will make a perfect fit for us at, and we are thrilled to get an insight into this cool company. You can find Gustavo El Luchador (and soon more..) in their portfolio. 

If you want to read more about the innovative team and fascinating history of PearFiction Studios, you can do it right here.