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The variety of game suppliers at has turned out huge, boasting over 70 suppliers to pick and choose from. We strive to offer our players just that – diversity – and this is why we continuously join in on new partnerships and corporations. One of the best made so far, is the one with Nolimit City, launching early 2018. This after a signed multi-year agreement between us and them in March of 17´. This is extremely exciting, and we are happy to present you to one of the new pioneers in the industry – Nolimit City!

Top 10 Games offered at Videoslots from Nolimit City;

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Ice Ice Yeti


Tesla Jolt 

Hot Nudge 


Casino Win Spin 

Mayan Magic Wildfire 

Hot 4 Cash  

Coins of Fortune 

What is Nolimit City?

Nolimit City is a company that has its roots in more than 10 years of hands-on work at some of the most successful and great software providers and operators. 

It is a company that thrives on great relationships and is working on delivering more direct integrations thanks to an array of innovative games and their trademark, RGS platform. Today the company offers 7 games, and the ones available at are titles such as Oktoberfest, Creepy Carnival, and the Kitchen Drama series. But there is a lot more to come in 2018 – with releases that will stun you. 

Visions and goals 

The big mission for Nolimit City is to make gambling software to the next level by offering its clients and players a fast, reliable, and flexible team that all cooperate with a set of solid operators.

And something that makes Nolimit City special and different from the rest, is that they are not dependent on any other third-party systems. Everything is controlled in-house, using its own comprehensive and portable system platform for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. But this also means that it is also possible to deliver special features and smooth and customizable marketing campaign tools that are made specifically for each operators´ needs – to make it suit them all flawlessly. This is part of how Nolimit City works towards the goals, giving the gambling software industry a new perspective. They want to focus on the operators and fully engage the games with promotions and marketing campaigns. 

The team behind all of this are all experienced professionals from the industry, all experts in their own areas. Something important in this company is to strive, and by using the skills of the team, blending them all together – a high-quality and grand product will be the outcome. The office of Nolimit City is located in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The platform

Nolimit has a solid gambling platform that has been continuously developed and improved over the course of many years. This has made sure that all tools possibly needed are there, which creates a sense of freedom, being dependent on only themselves. For Nolimit this is something crucial, as it, according to them, grants the freedom that had been missing previously from both the provider and the operator side. 

The platform of Nolimit has a fully distributed and lightweight architecture that has been built in purpose to handle big chunks of production-tested combinations of hardware and software. This can be applied to various applications, but Nolimit chose to focus solely on online gambling and social media. The foundation of it is all about performance, security, and stability, and still keeping it as simple as can be. It can even be fully or partly developed in the cloud. 

The integration consists of a very simple build-up, of HTTP/JSON API, in combination with a JavaScript bundle which is supported by Nolimit. The integration API has a few mandatory common services, but the real power lies in the many operator specific services which enable a closer interaction between the games and the operator´s system. This basically means that it is especially powerful in areas such as promotions, game events, marketing, and jackpots.

This along with the Java integration, the games all run smoothly and the game loader is flexible for operators to use, and designed to give them complete control.  

It is a smart, safe, and well-established system that turned a lot of heads in the industry. 

The games

Today, Nolimit City is a game supplier that signed deals and partnership with over 30 different operators on the markets, being a few of the biggest and best ones. To these, they offer the games created in-house, top quality. 

As mentioned, Nolimit City now offers 7 online Slots and 1 lottery game – but we will focus solely on the Slots for now. 

The games that are offered to you at are Creepy Carnival, Wixx, Oktoberfest, Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania, Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy, and Space Arcade. Surely you will find a new favourite among these masterpieces! 

The Kitchen Nightmare games are a series of Slots, same theme, different inspirations. The BBQ Frenzy takes you to a Wild and spicy BBQ party, where you´ll be grilling juicy steaks, yummy mushrooms, big corndogs, and healthy veggies – all with smiles on them. This is a very humoristic game that will make your mouth water in a split second, maybe because of the fiery chilli spins you might land. 

To land in a completely different area, Nolimit City also takes you to Germany and the oh so brilliant beer festival. Oktoberfest is a fun game with German folk costumes, loads of pints, German sausage, pretzels, and men playing the accordion. One might think that it doesn’t get better than that – but just wait until the Prost Spins, Bierspins, and the Pretzel Party starts! 

Nolimit City is certainly a supplier that takes you on new journeys in each and every new game, this with fun and humoristic themes, details, and animations. It is hard not to love a no limit life.

Check out the portfolio of games at now! 

If you wish to read more about this special game provider, you can click here and visit their website.