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Oh It’s Not Over Yet!

Hang on a minute there! We have more games coming up your way today laddie! Join us and these two more developers to experience a variety of themes, fantasies and scenarios such as a typical South American civilization in a very popularly themed slot of Mayans in Maya Gold! Or maybe you’re into the eighties, and if so, we’ve got Total Overdrive by Betsoft, capturing the essence in design of this time through the typical aesthetic revival that has been brought back in the past couple of years! 

Total Overdrive Gameplay and Features

Betsoft’s Total Overdrive explosion of this shiny neon electronic ambience takes on the slot game with a three reel and five payline structure, having the typical but modernized designs of fruits and other typical slot symbols! The nostalgic trip down this cosmic slot also grants you multipliers and wilds to help you increase the value of your potential winnings. (Please note this game is not available in the UK)

Maya Gold Gameplay and Features

IGT’s Maya Gold is obviously a Mayan-themed slot making it one of the most popular historically-themed slots with its enchanting and attractive nature, but also having beautifully designed symbols in a simple five-reel by three-row format. The game offers 25 paylines and a good set of features such as a bonus game with bonus symbols, substitution symbols, free spins, scatters and wilds, all to help you increase the value of your potential winnings. 

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