Battle of Slots

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Today’s winners have been drawn

We would like to congratulate the following 10 players who have been drawn from the ballet and won 50 free spins each on Cleopatra.

Thursday Winners 

  • Ronny G
  • Slawomir S
  • joe r
  • Letitia M
  • Fredrik V
  • Darren S
  • paul h
  • Reza D
  • Erkki L
  • Seppo M

Friday Winners

  • Anita     G
  • Victoria C
  • Mika      L
  • Erkki      L
  • Pierre    J
  • Glenda W
  • Janice    C
  • Rego      T
  • Susan    V
  • Violeta  K

Our next winner could be you, so start playing on Cleopatra now to collect tickets and get in a chance to win daily free spins or one of 5 iPad Pros. 

*Full details and terms can be found here.