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Welcome Authentic Gaming!

This Friday we welcome a new provider in the Videoslots Casino portfolio - Authentic Gaming! This company promises to bring a truly "authentic" casino experience by streaming live roulette sessions from actual land-based casinos in different countries all over the world. It also uses a specially built studio for some titles. So far it focuses on one casino game, specifically roulette. Grand Authentic Gaming is the first of these. This live streamed roulette game that runs at a more relaxed pace based on the classic European rules. 24 7 Authentic Gaming is a live roulette that runs on all hours even as it takes place in a casino. Blaze Authentic Gaming brings something different with its futuristic gameshow style, while Casino Floor Authentic Gaming is a casino roulette game that runs at a fast pace, making it suitable for online players. We then have two auto roulette games. VIP Authentic Gaming is an auto roulette title streamed from the Authentic Gaming studio, while Speed 1 Authentic Gaming is a fast-paced option with 18-second betting time and 55-second game time! 

Grand Authentic Gaming Gameplay and Features 

Grand Authentic Gaming brings, as the name suggests, an "authentic" casino experience. After all, it is streamed from one of the provider's partner casinos! It runs at a relaxed paced and, for the sake of authenticity, it even has you drag the digital chips in order to make a wager. The game runs on standard European rules, with the wheel featuring 37 positions including the one green pocket. Once all bets are placed, the professional dealer spins the wheel! This game lacks multipliers or other special features, as the focus is on an experience that is both authentic and easy to play. 

24 7 Authentic Gaming Gameplay and Features 

Authentic Gaming brings a roulette experience that is truly available at all hours with 24 7 Authentic Gaming! This game is still live streamed from a real casino, and comes complete with a professional dealer. The wheel features the usual 37 numbers, and this time the game offers both inside and outside bets. You can even check out the different special bets, such as Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins en Cheval and Jeu Zero.

Blaze Authentic Gaming Gameplay and Features 

In case you want a different roulette experience, Blaze Authentic Gaming is probably the game for you. Blaze Authentic Gaming is streamed from Authentic Gaming's Malta studio, and takes place on a futuristic glass table complete with an LED board. It also has a presenter instead of a professional dealer. The presenter conducts the game but does not touch the wheel or ball. Instead, once all bets are placed, they will press a button and the wheel spins in semi-automated fashion. All the while the camera focuses on the ball until it settles in one of the 37 pockets. The slick user interface provides different bet options, as well as the statistics of the last 100 rounds. 

Casino Floor Roulette Authentic Gaming Gameplay and Features 

Casino Floor Roulette Authentic Gaming combines the best of online and land-based roulette in a single title. This game is streamed from studio-style table set inside a VIP area at one of Authentic Gaming's partner casino. You can even take a look at the background action through the see-through curtain behind the dealer! You can select between multi and classic camera views, and the game offers multiple betting options. These include the traditional table layout, race track or multiple Bet On Stats features.

VIP Authentic Gaming Gameplay and Features 

VIP Authentic Gaming is an automated roulette title streamed from the Authentic Gaming studio. This means there is no dealer, but there is a presenter voice available in multiple languages. Spins of the wheel take place automatically once all bets are placed. Speaking of bets, there are multiple options available. You can check out the action from multiple camera angles, and the user interface supports all kinds of devices, including smartphones and tablets in both portrait and landscape views. 

Speed 1 Authentic Gaming Gameplay and Features 

Speed 1 Authentic Gaming is a faster pace auto roulette option. This means there is no dealer present, since everything is takes place using a mechanism on the wheel. The game has a betting time of 18 seconds, while a round takes 55 seconds. The wheel is based on European rules, with 37 positions including the green pocket, and you have both inside (single, split, street, corner, line) and outside (red/black, even/odd, high/low, dozen, column) bet options. The racetrack view also allows for four French-style side bets, Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins and Zero.

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