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Multi Slot

Multi Slot is a so-called multi solutions game provider that has shown ample development and really made a name for themselves in the casino game development industry. Multi Slots is a company that provides a multitude of casino gaming solutions to their clients and have proven themselves to be a competent provider who offers everything from social gaming, mobile platforms, customised products, along with fresh and unique games, as well as other solutions as per the clients’ request.

The Multi Slot start and rise  

When founding the company, they proceeded with a simple vision of providing world-class services and products as well as ample support for their clients. One of their prime focuses is to make sure of establishing a team of unique and competent individuals to guarantee a strong foundation of diversity and knowledge to be able to offer a great end product. They have made sure to build and provide software programs for their cooperating operators on the online gaming markets, this to be able to run the games offered in both online and mobile mode. It started with only online games, but soon developed into other areas. 

Today Multi Slots offer a multitude of solutions ranging from mobile gaming, online gaming, and land-based gaming. Making sure to always expand their area of expertise and offer a comprehensive solution for casino clientele is the key to success for them. They simultaneously develop and maintain close client relationships, keeping their practices professional and keeping independence in their product to eliminate any conflict of interest. 

When being a game provider, a sense of innovation and flexibility is necessary while continuing to expand their range of platforms, unique products and features. Multi Slot ultimately continues to expand and develop their trade as they bolster their platforms, products and features.

Social gambling and innovations

Multi Slot offers a range of social gaming solutions where they have free casino games via Facebook and other social media platforms, these are mostly accustomed to the free games range and market mainly to users playing for fun. Also realising the importance of mobile optimisation of their online gaming products makes them a key contender among game providers. Always ensuring to have the same high-quality gaming experience regardless of the chosen device, whether it be an Android or Apple device. 

One of the most important parts of Multi Slots agenda is the unique products and features they bring to the table. They do this for the sake of their players, but also for the operators. They strongly believe that games which are played and user-friendly also benefits the operator. Therefore, Multi Slot developed a special tool, the Bonus Rollover Indicator. This lets players view how they can unlock a bonus, based on their own betting range and the time that they are playing. This keeps it simple for the player and saves a lot of time for both casino support as well as for the player that now has the knowledge they need when in the game.

The games 

But how about the actual games? Multi Slot offers not only the traditional video slot but also table games and video poker for all types of likings. It ranges from craps, blackjack, baccarat, to poker games such as Jacks or Better and much more. But, everyone has their own favourites, and more about that now. 

More on the top 10 games 

These 10 games are the perfect and shining examples of what you can expect when browsing through Multi Slots’ portfolio. Games that all offer varies of attributes that are all attractive to players, with different types of likings. 

One of the games mentioned above is Big Game Safari, a fun and entertaining video slot with a theme that can draw in any player with its graphics and colourful atmosphere. It might be a classic theme of the African wildlife, where you get to see all the majestic animals, but even if it might be a common and classical theme, it is still most entertaining and player friendly. The game offers a whole lot of details, and it is clear that they have spent quite some time developing the layout and design of it.
And as always when it comes to Multi Slot, you are being offered a bunch of features that will make the gaming experience even better. You will enjoy from Wilds, Scatters, bonus rounds, and much more. 

Another top game you can really enjoy from is the Arctic Bear. It is a beautifully designed video slot with a layout overlooking the northern aurora with its purple-green shimmer. It sets in the deep and icy North Pole and it will surely give you a journey of stunning views, vivid animations, a great deal of entertainment and features that will blow your mind. You have everything you can ask for in a slot with its Wilds, Scatters, bonuses, free spins, and much more. 

Are you feeling inspired to browse through Multi Slots’ portfolio yet? You can find all the top games listed above in their portfolio at But the fun doesn’t end there, of course, there are 40 games in the portfolio at the moment, and you will most definitely find one of your new favourite game there. They all offer different great qualities that will leave you satisfied and entertained for hours end.

Multi Slot conclusion 

Multi Slot has since their start quickly risen to become one of the top nosh providers on the markets. They have through the years proved very trustworthy with thoroughly developed games with mathematics and modern technology at its best behind them. You can enjoy many things when it comes to Multi Slot, due to their wide range of games that fit every wallet, player, and operator. This makes up for one of the most successful developers in modern time. If you wish to try their games out, then simply choose Multi Slots on our home page to find all the games.

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