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Magnet Gaming

Magnet Gaming is a game development company established in Denmark and is a subsidiary of CEGO ApS. Magnet Gaming develops innovative and entertaining games for all gaming platforms, ranging from computer-based games to mobile games. Its parent company has a lot of experience in the gaming industry, and thanks to a sense of innovation and creativity, this game developer has now become a renowned name in the industry.

Magnet Gaming’s values reflect its strengths in the industry: entertainment, excitement and reliability, all the features that players and operators appreciate in a game developer.

Although Magnet Gaming is a relative newcomer to the industry, it has already managed to build a wide range of games which offer a lot of interesting and entertaining features. While more games have yet to be launched, we at feel it’s the right time to introduce you to this special game developer a bit more closely.

Magnet Gaming mission and values

As with any self-respecting, goal-oriented company, Magnet Gaming has a clear mission as well as the values with which it operates. Magnet’s mission is to increase its share in the iGaming market by offering excellent and entertaining games which in turn provide a great gaming experience to their players.

Magnet Gaming’s core values are re-invention, entertainment and responsibility. Re-invention might not be an easy term to grasp, but Magnet Gaming explains that their aim is to re-create the gambling model. They have already succeeded in creating products with the lowest degree of turnover in the industry.

When it comes to entertainment, this game developer wants to create games not only for the gaming industry but also for the entertainment industry – with products including features that strive to keep the players hooked for a long time.

Responsibility, of course, is an important value for the game developer together with all the other factors: a player can rely on Magnet Games to be available only and exclusively to operators whose licenses, testing and other security and reliability factors meet the required standards.

Regulated gaming

Magnet Gaming strives to create safe and fair games which meet all the requirements of the casino sector and its regulations. Testing, clearing and verification of Magnet’s games are always performed by the leading partners; Magnet itself is always sure that it’s in possession of all the licences required to operate in the market.

Cego ApS is Magnet Gaming’s parent company and develops games and casino slots licensed by the Danish DGA, so players can relax and concentrate on safe gaming.

Magnet Gaming - Games

All Magnet Gaming games have been developed using HTML-5, and this means they can be played conveniently on both mobile and PC. This developer wants to create games that are easily accessible so that players can access them quickly and easily. Magnet Gaming has also created its own Remote Gambling server together with the Random Number Generator, and these are used to guarantee and maintain secure and reliable gameplay. 

Magnet Gaming’s games take the gamers to new depths. Their games great themes are designed with unique and eye-catching graphics, combined with fun-filled activities. Innovative mini-games and other bonuses are among fascinating features of their games, but Magnet is aware this isn’t enough, and give due attention to their players’ safety.

Magnet Gaming's top games

We’ve talked about the kind of games Magnet Gaming offers, but most of all, the games’ features are clear for all to see. There are three main games, milestones that are associated with this game developer: Side Show, Space Gems and The Vikings – Wheels of Valhalla.

The Side Show Video Slot is a brilliant example of Magnet Gaming’s stunning graphics, fun features and innovative gameplay. Side Show is a ten payline, three reel game involving predictors, lucky wheels and – knives. The player can play a knife-throwing game and hit any of the balloons to bring gold prizes or bonuses.

Space Gems is another three reel game, just like Side Show, based on a space theme. Here, players get to enjoy a variety of special features together with a stunning progressive jackpot. Besides the fantastic winning potential, the game’s graphics also deserve a special mention.

Vikings – Wheels of Valhalla is a five-reel, eleven payline games themed on Norse mythology and Viking ships where winning combinations apply in both directions! Wheels of Valhalla features a number of amazing mini-games, including select and click games, which are bound to rack up massive wins.

Magnet Gaming’s games always have some exciting bonus features lying in store for their players – their reels are prepared to spring fantastic surprises onto everyone!


Even though Magnet Gaming, who were founded in 2014, is relatively new to the gaming development scene, they have managed to create an amazing range of games which include unique features. Their games are designed to run smoothly on both PC and mobile, and there are enough fun, excitement and entertainment on offer for a wide variety of gamers. In addition, these games provide a fair and reliable gaming experience, since Magnet always make sure that its games have been properly tested and distributed only to licensed market operators. Both players and casino operators will be pleased to introduce Magnet Gaming to their portfolios! 

If you want to visit their website, you can click here.