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To tell you about Iron Dog Studio, we have to go back and look at one of the more experienced suppliers in the industry, and what led them to the position the company is in today. It all starts with 1x2 Gaming, which you surely heard of at some point, at least if you are a gambler. Let´s get right into it!



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Wolf Strike

Start & Development

So, as mentioned, it all starts with 1x2 Gaming. A known supplier that made a big decision to restructure its own ways. Recently it changed its entire structure by rebranding to 1x2 NETWORK, and with that came numerous new possibilities and news for players. With this restructure the network gained a sister company, the exciting division by the name of Iron Dog Studio! There, a vibrant new game supplier took form and life right before our eyes – and it is a mighty force to reckon with. Among the many sub-brands by 1x2 NETWORK, the work will continue as normal using the same popular data with virtual sports, soft games, and casino offerings. Alongside this, they also have a new independent creative team built up by them, under the Iron Dog Studio brand. This is created to focus solely on creating and delivering high-end production casino/slots content. The goal is to catch the focus of the industry with the best possible games made, of the highest quality made. And Iron Dog already has an advantage that not all have so soon after launch, which is the wide distribution from the 1x2 Gaming operation where they currently have 40 integrations including the biggest platforms in the industry. These multiple brands will also allow a vast range of products with different styles, making the delivery of games versatile for a versatile target.



Santas Big Bash Megaways

Special Skills



Solar Nova


The work started right after the big restructuring, with a blast. Immediately the company arose with 6 brand new Video Slots, absolutely supersonic!

The games included titles such as Paint, Cherry Blast, Gifts of Ostara, Treasure of Horus, Neon Jungle, and Cosmic Crystal. Later on, another 3 games have been released – with much more to come. These games all come with versatile themes, alluring graphics, interesting features, and a whopper gameplay. But what they all have in common, is high-quality they all come with. The games are unlike any other in this way, the storylines are well thought-through, with the team spending an immense amount of time perfecting the games to its core – and you can see it clearly while spinning the reels.

The games we are offering at are currently Blood Queen and Neon Jungle – two of the finest one can wish upon.

One takes you to the mythical Transylvania at the peak of the night with impressive designs and graphics, and a lot of features to blast your veins. The other takes you to Rio de Janeiro with its impressive skyline and view of neon lights, all coming to a meet with the deep jungle. You are sure to experience glimmering flamingos and illuminating wins in this game.

Our final verdict is truly proud to take part in the success story of Iron Dog Studio, and we are thrilled to watch it happen. We strongly recommend you check out the portfolio right now – trying these games will impress you to the core.

Check our Iron Dog Studio portfolio here