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Genesis Gaming

Since founding the company in 2008 the growth has been exponential as Genesis Gaming make their way into the top leagues of online video slots providers. Where they consistently provide some of the most sought after and loved video slots available on the global gaming market to some of the top casino providers.

The following are the top 10 games from Genesis Gaming: 

Steam Punk Heroes

Mirror Magic

These are the perfect examples of what you can expect from Genesis Gaming, a fun and most rewarding time with a whole lot of surprises and unique themes. 

Savanna King is one of the great games mentioned above, and this game will take you on a journey across the African Savanna where majestic beasts control the lands and multipliers run free. Scatters in this video slot will pay in any direction and substitution Wilds will as always substitute any existing combination of symbols to ensure the highest paying winning combo. 
When the player triggers the Savanna Stampede free spins feature they will be awarded with either 8, 15 or 20 free spins where any Wild will also become a multiplier and add further huge value as the highest possible multiplier that can be triggered during the game will award a x64 payout. It is a most rewarding game, and playng it will quickly make you realize why it took its place in the top 10 list. 

Temple of Luxor lets you enter the ancient Egyptian halls of the Temple of Luxor. Here Wilds and scatters are frequent and can trigger the 11 reel free spins bonus round. Here a player will connect two base games and the 6th reel will always be a Wild. This can lead to massive 11 reel combos as the video slot will still have 50 lines, so there is ample opportunity to hit a three or more symbol combination on any of the reels.

What does Genesis Gaming do? 

Genesis Gaming have built their reputation mostly due to their flexible engineering and exceptional game performance. With years of experience of providing custom slots for clients as well as generating top performing video slots for the casino industry. As a player you will have likely played many a Genesis Gaming video slot as they are very popular and exist across the online casino platform on nearly all gaming jurisdictions. 

When considering that Genesis Gaming also have been providing games to social platforms, you can clearly see a trend where game providers are expanding into the social media market to offer free to play games to non-casino gamers. Even here Genesis have shown to be very flexible and offer custom games for clients as well as releasing their consistent titles. 

Genesis Gaming are also excellent at making games targeting specific demographics which work exceptionally well with mobile platforms, as they are particularly sufficient when programming in HTML5 for the use in iOS or Android operating systems. 
However, they are not just good at programing, Genesis Gaming comes mainly from a land-based casino background and this experience shines through as they create video slots where the features and functions remind of the one-armed bandits we all know and love. This experience shines through and has worked well with strengthening their pedigree as they have crossed over the user experience from land-based slot machines to the online video slots.

How to make a game brilliantly  

As a provider Genesis Gaming offer their clients over 150 video slots and continue to release games on a monthly basis. Where they more recently are focusing heavily on design and graphics to compliment the complex mathematics and superb slot features and bonus games. 

On their official site Genesis Gaming are able to display each and every process in their game production. An absolutely unique feat among online game providers as they typically keep this process under close protection. The first piece of the puzzle when creating a Genesis Gaming video slots is to meet and agree upon what marketing strategy as well as key concept of which the game should include. Here they will establish the main theme as well as suggest what bonus features would fit said theme while also considering how to implement the clients brand in the best possible way. 

Whereupon the technical department at Genesis Gaming will review the documentation and suggested features and themes to determine if there are any questions to consider to ensure a swift and speedy delivery to the client. Ultimately saving time for the client, player and developer. 

A final suggestion for the theme, name and concept of the video slot will thereafter be presented and the client will ultimately approve or disapprove of the suggested game. This will help Genesis Gaming decide the production process and handle expectations. 

Now it is time for Genesis to develop and implement unique mathematics into the game to ensure a smooth user experience with exciting gameplay. The relevant percentages will later be provided to the casino client. 

Only after the gameplay and mathematics are successfully created will Genesis start the creative design process, where the theme is implemented in an engaging and animated way to best suit the client’s needs. Further to this, the music composition team will finalise the music to best suit the theme of the game. Once this process is complete the client will have the opportunity to beta test the video slot.

Once the beta version is done and dusted and the client is pleased with what has been produced integration can pursue. Where Genesis Gaming will work closely with the casino client to ensure the game has appropriate hosting and displays properly on the casino site in question.

The finished products

Only after all of the above steps have been completed can the delivery happen. Where Genesis Gaming will provide the requested documentation including all of the necessary information of the video slot for the players as well as the casino. This is to ensure the provider has fulfilled his responsibility to the casino client and making sure they have the necessary tools to provide the content to its fullest potential. 

We can warmly recommend the selection of Genesis Gaming video slots we have on our casino site and can suggest the following top three titles for new and more experienced players alike. 

Genesis conclusion

These two games, along with the rest of the top 10 list, are all reasons why you will love Genesis Gaming. Always striving to keep their players satisfied by creating games that they know are desired, is one of the main focuses that they have upon development. You can clearly see the hard work and effort that they have put into the creations and it is most appreciated by everyone. We currently offer a great portfolio from Genesis Gaming at, with 41 games in the collection. There is still more to come, so hang in there for more new games soon! 
Go and enjoy the uniquely engineered video slots and experience the development process by trying one of the above-mentioned games. It becomes apparent when trying one of the Genesis Gaming video slots why they are as successful as they have become.

If you want to read more about this provider, you can click here and visit the website.