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Wizdom Wonders Introduction

Wizdom Wonders from PG SOFT is a six-book reel slot consisting of respins, multipliers and other appealing bonus features. Take a step back in time, thousands of years ago when numerous mystical spells were hidden in this wizard’s spell book! With the spells that are in this book one could do unimaginable things in the world like summoning exotic creatures or even natural elements. Sounds intriguing, right? This old Wizard needs your help with the complete Alchemy spell which blew out of the tower years ago; he needs your help putting it all back together so that he can attain the complete Alchemy spell once again as it is the most impressive and powerful spell of all! Your goal is to keep an eye out for whenever the magic symbols on both pages in the spell books match up because it will then turn into an Alchemy symbol further triggering mysterious magical ways and increasing more chances to win! 

Wizdom Wonders Game Features

There is a total of 11 symbols in Wizdom Wonders which all are found in the middle of old-fashioned spell books. There’s an orange frog, an orange spider, a purple mushroom, a blue potion, and a green concoction. There are also the lower paying symbols which are just various signs printed inside the books in different, distinctive colours. The bonus symbol has the word bonus written across it in bright, yellow letters. 

Wizdom Wonders Free Spins and bonuses

During any spin, when there is one or more symbol win, all wins will be multiplied by the multiplier shown above the books in the Symbol Win Feature. After wins are paid, all books with winning symbols will be closed and reveal either the fire spell, water spell or lightning spell which will then come into effect. Each fire spell will remove all books along the vertical axis and each water spell will remove all books along the horizontal axis. Additionally, each lightning spell will remove the book that consists of that lightning spell and a randomly chosen book. Once all spells have taken effect, new books will be added in the place of the removed books which will lead to additional wins and the multiplier will be increased by one.  

Bonus Feature 

At the start of the bonus feature, eight bubble picks are awarded to you which you’ll need to tap on any bubble of your choosing in order to reveal either nothing, prize value or additional picks. The revealed prize value may range between two times the current bet to 30 times the current bet. If the prize value is revealed, it will be added to the win meter.  If additional picks are revealed (two or three picks), it will increase the number of bubble picks by the value indicated in the revealed bubble!

Wizdom Wonders Payouts

The highest paying symbol is the orange frog while coming in second is the orange spider. The mushroom is the third highest paying symbol while the blue potion and the green concoction are the mid-range paying symbols.  

The bonus symbol, the orange printed image and the purple one is the highest-lowest paying symbols while the teal, green and deep purple printed symbols are the lowest paying symbols in Wizdom Wonders.  

Wizdom Wonders Graphics and Sound

The graphics and animations of Wizdom Wonders are endearing and creative which gives a refreshing feel to this slot! The wizard himself stands at the top of the screen with a bubbling pot of green liquid waiting for you to hit the bonus. He often moves and touches his beard, making the experience more realistic and engaging. The music in the background adds more mystery and excitement to the overall feel of this slot; you’ll even hear the green concoction bubbling throughout and when you spin the reels, some other magical sounds will be played, and even special spells are said. The way that the reels and the symbols were created for this slot are different from most other games out there. The symbols lay inside large, potion books and when you spin the reels, the pages turn until you land on a single, full symbol. 

You can find the paytable by clicking on the three horiztonal line symbol that is to the farther right-hand side of the play screen. Also, if you would like the activate the autoplay and the turbo more you can do so by clicking on the spin options button which is to the left of the crystal ball spin button.  

Wizdom Wonders Conclusion

Wizdom Wonders from PG SOFT is a beautifully designed slot with amazing animations and graphics, hooking you in from the start. As you help this Wizard find the lost Alchemy spell, you have many other ways of winning some magical, noteworthy prizes along the way. Whether it’s the Symbol Win Feature or the Bonus feature, this will all increase your chances of helping the wizard to solve the case of the missing spell and of course getting rewarded for it in return.  

About the Provider

“Difference makes the difference” – that’s the clever motto of this young provider, PG SOFT. They are a mobile game development company based in Valletta, Malta. For a company that joined the iGaming industry in 2015, they’ve grown to an impressive size of 200 employees, expanding beyond the island of Malta as well. Now, they have offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. Albeit being a new name on the iGaming scene, PG SOFT is quickly making a name for themselves with their impressive mobile slots. 

With a motto like, “difference makes the difference”, they really take the element of ‘difference’ seriously. PG SOFT’s games are truly different not just in themes and gameplay, but in every other aspect of the game as well, with ideas that are completely out-of-the-box!

Hotpot is the best example that proves this big claim. Hotpot takes place literally inside a hotpot, a boiling soup full of spices and ingredients which are also the ‘reels’. Other crazy themes include adorable plushies, legends and myths, anime, and much more. 

Besides awesome ideas that will stun you with their originality, the graphics will also blow you away. Above the reels, most slots will have a video screen showing animations related to the game. They’ll take any idea and turn into a brilliantly executed game that any player will love.

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