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Win Win Won Introduction

Win Win Won is a 3-reel, single-row slot that is reminiscent of the classic slots in Vegas. Created by Pocket Games Soft, the game is inspired by the Chinese Year of the Dog. This year has a special connection with casinos and games, as it is thought to be a period of prosperity and wealth. 

Win Win Won is very simple to play. Since the game only uses one payline, the aim of the game is to land three identical symbols or three different bones symbols across the reels. 

You can start playing Win Win Won with a minimum bet of € 0.01 and a maximum bet of € 200.

Win Win Won Game Features

PG Soft designed Win Win Won so that it displays well across devices. The game's content resizes itself seamlessly and automatically to fit any screen size, from tiny touch devices to full-sized desktop monitors. 

At the bottom and centre of the screen, you will see the spin button. To the immediate left of it, you can find the spin options, which include the autospin function. Meanwhile, to the right of the spin button, you can find your bet options. You can click on the Max Bet button to automatically bet the maximum value. 

This online slot features a cute dog mascot who will accompany and entertain you are you spin the reels. The game has a total of 7 game symbols which reward you with different multipliers. Apart from the standard bet, you can choose to activate the Ingot Bets, which can increase multiplier value for each symbol dramatically. Using this feature also unlocks the Multiplier Reel.

Win Win Won Free Spins and Bonuses

Win Win Won doesn’t include free spins; however, it offers players a different bonus feature they can enjoy.  The Multiplier Reel spins together in sync with the base slot and randomly stops on a multiplier which is then added to any money you win in at round. If you activate Ingot Bet 2, then the possible multipliers are 1x and 2x, while if you choose Ingot Bet 3 you also unlock a 3x multiplier. 

Win Win Won Payouts

Win Win Won's seven symbols each have their own special multiplier, which increases depending on whether you have activated the Ingot Bet functions. For many symbols, getting a win requires you to land 3 identical symbols on the visible row. However, it is possible for you to get a smaller prize if you succeed to land 3 bone symbols, even if these are not identical. 

These are the payouts you can expect to get for each symbol:

  • Any bones combination - 10x, 20x and 30x for Ingot Bet levels 1 to 3 respectively
  • 1 bone symbol - 20x, 40x, 60x
  • 2 bones - 30x, 60x, 90x
  • 3 bones - 50x, 100x, 150x
  • Blue Chinese writing - 80x, 160x, 240x
  • Green writing - 150x, 300x, 450x
  • Yellow writing - 400x, 800x, 1,200x
  • Dog - 800x, 1,600x, 2,600x 

Whilst it is possible to get multiple winning combinations at a time, only the highest paying win is paid. These multipliers do not include the extra multiplier which can come from the Multiplier Reel. With this function active, the maximum multiplier in the game is x7,800.

Win Win Won Graphics and Sound

Right from the start, Win Win Won makes it obvious that the theme of the game is Chinese culture. As the game starts a cute dog barks happily to greet the player. The mascot of the game, designed in 3D animation, makes several movements during play that can change the direction of the game, including nudging the third reel. In the slot's background, there is a door, and just before it a sea of gold treasure. This again makes reference to what can be expected during the Chinese Year of the Dog, a time of prosperity and good fortune. 

Complimenting the game's look is a traditional Chinese melody that plays in the background during the game. The slot’s soundtrack is lively and upbeat, keeping you entertained as you spin those reels. There are also several sound effects that play as the reels spin and when they come to a stop. All in all, the game's sound and graphics manage to create a happy and exciting atmosphere.

Win Win Won Conclusion

Why not discover your fortune with Win Win Won today? With the potential of getting up to 7,800x your original bet in this truly simple game, it is difficult to resist joining in the fun. The 3D animations and cheerful soundtrack will make you fall in love with this game, and if they don't, then the cute dog certainly will.

About the Provider

“Difference makes the difference” – that’s the clever motto of this young provider, PG SOFT. They are a mobile game development company based in Valletta, Malta. For a company that joined the iGaming industry in 2015, they’ve grown to an impressive size of 200 employees, expanding beyond the island of Malta as well. Now, they have offices in Europe, North America, and Asia. Albeit being a new name on the iGaming scene, PG SOFT is quickly making a name for themselves with their impressive mobile slots. 

With a motto like, “difference makes the difference”, they really take the element of ‘difference’ seriously. PG SOFT’s games are truly different not just in themes and gameplay, but in every other aspect of the game as well, with ideas that are completely out-of-the-box!

Hotpot is the best example that proves this big claim. Hotpot takes place literally inside a hotpot, a boiling soup full of spices and ingredients which are also the ‘reels’. Other crazy themes include adorable plushies, legends and myths, anime, and much more. 

Besides awesome ideas that will stun you with their originality, the graphics will also blow you away. Above the reels, most slots will have a video screen showing animations related to the game. They’ll take any idea and turn into a brilliantly executed game that any player will love.

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