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Wilderland Introduction

In the enchanted forest there lives a queen of creatures so pure and one with nature that language can’t even describe them in any way, for the tongue stops as it attempts to label them. They are only known as the creatures of the Wilderland.

Today it is the day in which you find yourself in front of the forest of Wilderland, and you might see a creature of the forest yourself! Don’t be afraid they are friendly creatures of the most beautiful nature and they might reward you with some fantastic payouts!

Wilderland Game Features

The symbols to the game include the Princess of the creatures of Winderland, the Forest Fox, the arrow and the quiver, and other pieces of jewellery. There are five different types of wilds which you can read more about by clicking the information section in the base game panel.

Wilderland Free Spins and Bonuses

In free spins, the forest’s magic is at its best and it increases your chances wo win new Walking Wild symbols, whils the magic Wild feature can return any number of walking wild symbols to the reels. This opens up the possibility of having unlimited free spins!

Wilderland Payouts

The payouts to the game work with multipliers, in the sense that the default betting value is 1 which makes the lowest paying symbol gets you a minimum of 0.5x your bet if you get three of a kind (which if left at default settings, is multiplied by 1) and a maximum of 2x your bet if you get five of a kind, whilst the highest paying symbol gets you a minimum of 2x your bet if you get two of a kind and a maximum of 12x your bet if you get five of a kind.

Wilderland Graphics and Sound

The game graphics are truly mesmerizing and beautiful. NetEnt have really taken this design to a whole other enchanting level, mimicking the sensation of a visitor being surprised at the sight of something breathtakingly beautiful. The game is incredibly immersive in a way that’s pleasurable and enjoyable and definitely far from boring.

The soundtrack itself is very celestial and heavenly, evoking the purity and perfection of the fantastic creatures of Winderland, having these beautiful choirs counter the melancholic strings that seem to be the foreground to what sounds like the sound of water or rain.  The sound truly matches the theme, evoking this sense of purity and beaut, plus it boosts the gameplay with an enchanting ambience.

Wilderland Conclusion

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity which we highly encourage you to experience! Follow the fox and enter the skylit forests of Wilderland; it is the chance to meet an immortal creature whilst also getting some potentially amazing deals with five different types of wilds, free, and fantastic payouts! Give it a go, right here on Videoslots!

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.