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Wild Bandits Introduction

Criminals and Bandits of all ages and sizes roam this ghost town. Keep your wits about you and don’t walk around unarmed: eyes are on you and if you blink, well, these gunslingers can be pretty fast and aim to kill.

Welcome to Wild Bandits, this five-reel, fifteen-payline thriller of an online slot produced by Leander Games. In this feature packed game, bullets fly in all directions around you, but so will big wins – and you also get to play sheriff!

Wild Bandits Game Features

Wild Bandits comes with a host of features that turn this video slot into something that wouldn’t look bad on a game console – the main advantage, of course, is that unlike your video games, you get to win quite a bit of cash in this ghost town somewhere in the American desert. Bet from as little as € 0.3 all the way up to € 150; the maximum win amount on Wild Bandits is capped at a massive € 250,000!

Wild Bandits  Free Spins and Bonuses

With three Sheriff Bonus symbols landing on the reels you trigger – literally, perhaps – the Wild Deals Free Spins mode where you receive 15 Free Spins. In the Wild Deals Free Spins Mode, all the Bandits in the game are wild – some will be stacked onto one, two, or even three reels during this mode. Every time a Bandit lands on the reels, you get to win their Captured Achievement. 

The highlight of this mode is the Bribe mode, where every Bandit will make you an offer can refuse if you feel particularly adventurous. After a spin on the reels with the Bandits stacked on the reels, the stacked Bandit will approach you with an offer to set him or her free – but this is the Wild West where freedom costs cash. You can either click on “Take Cash” to accept the money and set him free or choose to hold him in captivity on the reels for the remaining Free Spins. If you choose to release the Bandit, you get to upgrade to a bigger, more valuable Bandit. And once again, the bigger Bandit will try to bribe you, for a much bigger amount.

If you capture two Bandits on the reels, they will both try to buy their liberty. You can only keep two bandits jailed if they land on reels 2 and 4, and they can only upgrade to the biggest bandit on the three centre reels.

The Bandit who will still be on the reels at the end of the Wild Deals Free Spins mode will be jailed – and that’s another Achievement for you. Moreover, the first bandit you let go will also gain you the released achievement.

Wild Bandits also features a Wilds West Sequence, which is activated at random from the reels if a Dynamite Wild symbol appears on reels 3, 4 or 5. The Wild will move on the reels to the left and award you a Free Spin until it reaches Reel 1. 

The next mode in this action-packed online slot is the Wild Shootout mode. Two rifles will appear to shoot out symbols on the reels and have them replaced with Wild symbols.

Wild Bandits Payouts

The achievements for each bandit involve a badge: Clint, Cidro, Lady Grey, Billy, Butch and Rose have a Capture, Jail and Release badge each and this will help you win prizes in either Wilds West or Wild Shootout. 

The payouts from the reels are rather generous too: based on the maximum bet amount of € 150, the card symbols are worth a minimum of € 150 for five of a kind, with the exception of the Ace which stands at € 200 just like the white cowboy hat. The gun symbol lands you € 400 for five hits (on the reels, naturally) and the clock earns you € 1,000. The highest of the pack are the moneybag symbol at (€ 1,500 and the sheriff symbol, which stands at a massive € 4,000! There are three types of Wilds, but these are available depending on the slot mode you are in.

Wild Bandits Graphics and Sound

Leander Games has come out guns blazing with this release: they take no prisoners in their drive to offer stunning graphics, to the level where Wild Bandits would look great on a large HD TV set. The detail in the design of the symbols is almost secondary to that of the background, with the reels framed in a crumbling wooden arch set against the background of a ghost town, and secondary also to the real-life depictions of the six wild bandits who grace the reels with a menacing stare and a cold look in their eyes (except for Billy).

The reels spin to the sound of guns being cocked and loaded, while a western movie theme soundtracks the game to immerse deep in the atmosphere of those days when bounty hunters and gold diggers roamed the West.


Wild Bandits is a blast: it’s fun, offers huge payouts and gives the player a great degree of control over proceedings through its various bonus modes which not only make the game more interesting but indeed include a level of strategy for your enjoyment. This is Wild Bandits – let’s see if you can draw your gun faster than the Bandits!

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