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Welcome to embark on a journey to the most romantic city in Europe – the apple of the continent that attracts people from all over the world. It is a place of wealth, fancy places, love, and romance – and now it is your turn to go and discover what Venice can grant you with. This is a video slot brought to you by GameArt – Venetia.

GameArt is an independent online casino software provider and developer of cutting-edge games which they in its turn deliver to the biggest operators in the markets. GameArt was founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs with over 20 years experience in both the online and land-based industry. They created GameArt and turned it into a B2B provider with offices across Europe. Their employees work tirelessly to provide high-quality slot games with innovative and creative themes based on the client's request and desires.

This time, GameArt will show you the true meaning of love with this amazing game. This game is one of many reasons to why GameArt has risen so hard and fast on the latter of success, and taken all its players by storm. Let us get started! 

Venetia main game

The first feeling you get from Venetia is quite clear and straight forward – romance and more romance. You see colours of love, symbols of love, and couples in love. All combined makes for a generally happy and soothing gameplay, with many fascinating attributes. It is hard not to enjoy Venetian with its great graphics, designs, and the features offered. But we will get more into this soon!

The symbols you can come across in Venetia, are all made to match and fit the theme of the game perfectly. The ordinary symbols of Venetia are the golden lion, a masked woman, snaps of the city, and the doves. Then you have the card deck symbols, which represents the lower paying symbols. Out of the ordinary symbols, the golden lion and the masked woman are the highest paying symbols, giving you a win of €7.50 for a symbol combination of 5. 

But you also have two extra special symbols, one of them being the silver Venetian mask which is the Wild symbol of the game. It is a beautiful symbol, framed in a golden frame. Then there is the gondola with the couple in love sitting inside, with the steersman behind. This is the Scatter symbol of the game. These can both grant you with some grand wins, and features for that matter. You do not want to miss out on these symbols! 

Venetia theme, graphics, and music

It is not hard to figure out what the theme of Venetia is based on, the romantic city of Venice – the floating city. It is a city of northern Italy, built on small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. What is unique about this city, is that it has no roads – only canals linked by bridges. It is well-known all over the world for its beautiful setting, the architecture, and artwork. It is hard to find a city as beautiful as Venice, you simply have to see it to believe it. 

Venetia video slot is simply as stunning as the city promises to be. The design and the graphics are very well-made and it reflects the feeling of the game perfectly. In the background you can see the main canal of Venice, with the old, classic, and gorgeous buildings and houses surrounding it. The big bridge overlays the canal, and underneath you can see the blue water, with the gondolas laying in the harbour. It´s night time, and the lights are shining up the streets. You can see the gondola ride, with the couple in love inside – and the golden lion with wings on the sides. 

The whole design and layout, reminds of a painting with its details and the way it has been designed. It is in general very pretty, and makes you want to see Venice for real. 

The reels are made in lavish style, with a reel background of velvet red with subtle patterns on. It says a little bit about the wealth that awaits you in this floating city. And when hitting a win while in the gameplay, a ring of gold dust will appear around the symbol granting you this win. These small details give the game even more to love. 

The music is pretty subtle when in the game, it gives away clicks and clacks as you spin.   

Venetia payout

Venetia offers 20 fixed paylines, meaning that you will have to play on all lines in every bet.

You also have the opportunity to choose coin values of between 0.01 and 0.50 – making it a max bet of €10. 

Venetia bonus game

Venetia offers some great features, but not a bonus game in specific. 

But if you are the type of player that enjoys a night of sheer romance, and Venice in particular, then you should check out Hearts of Venice Bonus Guarantee from William Interactive. It has a similar theme, based on Venice and the romance aspiring there. It also offers a bonus symbol, which is a so-called Mystery symbol – this can grant you with big wins, re-spins, and mystery wins. 

Venetia free spins

To activate the free spin feature in Venetia – you need to land at least three of the Scatter symbols on the reels (the gondola symbol). When this happens, you can win 15 free spins. The best part is that you can hit this feature no matter where the symbols appear on the reels. 

During the free spin feature, all wins are multiplied by three and you have the opportunity to re-activate the free spins again. 

The Scatter does, however, have another great ability. This is the payout of it, it hides a jackpot win of 5000 coins at the most. 

Venetia features

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is incredibly rewarding as it is, being able to grant you with between 0.10 and 90 in win for between 2 and 5 symbol combinations. But apart from this, it also has the classic ability to be able to step in to replace all symbols apart from the Scatter. This to create winning combinations for you. 

So how does this sound? Are you finally ready to let the beauty of Venice swoop you off your feet and leave you in awe? It is time, and we wish you the best of luck in your gameplay!