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Welcome to Tomahawk! Tomahawk is a cool Native American themed game from Genii. The time has come to dig the war axe from the ground and start fighting for the wins! Amazing and playful graphics along with great music and interface makes the slot interesting and very entertaining to play.

Genii is a gaming technology provider focused on building and create next-generation online gaming platforms. The company is based on a team of entrepreneurs who have led the field, both in the business of gambling and technological innovation, since the 1990´s. The company has since that year continued to strive and grow steadily, creating online games and mobile games. They are today one of the world´s largest provider of mobile games for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. All of their titles comes with graphics that are sharp as razors, symbols that match the theme of each game to 100% and the music and sound effects is something that is far beyond what you are used to! 

They have a portfolio of more than 130 games, and a few of these are Aladdin´s Loot, Elementium Spin16, Mermaid Serenade, and Yeti Hunt i3D. This time it is time for Genii to show you the true meaning of skills in Tomahawk!

Tomahawk main game

The first feeling you get when entering Tomahawk is really cool. When said that the game has taken inspiration from the Native Americans, you might get an idea of what it looks like. But it Is safe to say that your idea most likely is wrong. Unlike Fire Hawk, Mystic Dreams, and Shaman, which are all Native inspired slots – Tomahawk is made differently when it comes to the mood of the game, the graphics, and the design. This all makes for a cool and fascinating feel of the game!  

The symbols of the game are although made to suite the theme, but in a very unique way with specially made animations. They are made in bricks and small details, making them stand out from a crowd of such a popular theme. The basic symbols, the high paying ones, you can come across on the reels are the monster, a fly, a bird, a fish and a tipi tent. The tipi is the top player of these and pays a win of 350 for a 5x symbol combination. Apart from these you also have the standard card deck symbols, with a major twist. These range from J-A and interestingly all the letters depict earth’s forces of fire, water, air and earth. 

Genii would never give out a game without a few extra special symbols offered, and Tomahawk is no exception. The dreamcatcher is the Feature Game Scatter symbol, the Tomahawk axe is the free spins symbol, and the Tomahawk himself is the Wild symbol of the game. 

Tomahawk theme, graphics, and music

Tomahawks video slot is clearly inspired by the Native Americans, but did you know that Tomahawk is the actual name of the axe they used as weapons? They were used to bring food and other provisions. The Indians created this and helped them get through the everyday life much easier, it helped them with normal tasks such as chopping, cutting, or hunting. The Native Americans were very smart though, we have a lot to thank them for. To be specific, we can thank them for avocados, Hockey, Sunscreen, Camouflage for battles, and popcorn! These are all things that were first made up by them to make their lives easier, and they certainly helped ours be too! But enough about these fascinating people, time to get back to the game!

Tomahawk is a very bright and colourful video slot and is surely one of the top players when it comes to graphics. The backdrop shows a landscape of green hills, high mountains, crystal blue rivers, and a cloudy sky. You can see the flying birds moving around the screen and the tipi tent standing tall. The reel set is framed with two totem poles with incredibly details and figures. The reels are then laid upon a grey blank canvas. The colours are all vivid and bright, making the game very attractive and easy on the eyes. 

You can hear some discrete sound effects of tribal music in the background, which adds to the feeling of the game. 

Tomahawk payout

My favourite side of the game is the 243 ways-to-win system of the video slot with 5 reels and 3 rows.  In this system the concept of pay lines is abolished. The symbols only need to fall adjacent to each other in the reels to form winning combinations. This means for example when you just land for example three matching symbols on the reels, you will win. The more symbols you get the more you win. So no more frustration of losing wins because the pay line winning wasn’t active! 

Tomahawk bonus game

Among its great features, a bonus game is also offered. The dreamcatcher activates the bonus, and when this happens you are transported to a second screen. Here is a totem pole without any carvings, your goal now is to build it. You start from the bottom by choose a different carving for every section and every time you make a new carving, you will a reward. There are four sections in total, so at the end of this all rewards will be accumulated and you will see the win from your bonus game. 

Tomahawk free spins

The Tomahawk Axe is the free spins symbol, and will, of course, activate the free spins. You can get different kinds of free spins features; these are as following; 

  • 3 symbols – 5 free spins and a 2x multiplier
  • 4 symbols – 10 free spins and a 2x multiplier
  • 5 symbols – 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier

In this game free spins cannot be activated again during free spins. All bets played are the same as the game that triggered the feature. 

Tomahawk special features

The Tomahawk man is the Wild symbol, and he has the ability to step in to replace symbols to create a winning combination for you. 

Click the picture above to feel the authentic Native American spirit of the game! We hope that the spirits are with you today, granting you the highest wins!  Best of luck to you!