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Play Suit'em Up Blackjack online: Check out our review below

We are finally able to present one of the newest and most rapidly growing Side Bet game, and for the first time it is introduced to Europe and the online gaming scene. This special addition is brought to you by one of the best providers of table games in the world, mixing classic and popular games with a twist of their own, granting you features you cannot find anywhere else. This is a product by Felt LTD, Suit´em Up Blackjack! 

Felt LTD is, as mentioned, one of the world´s most exclusive, dedicated, and leading providers of online table games in most genres. The main focus at Felt is to create authentic and realistic looking games that can take players on a gaming experience like no other – an experience similar to the one when playing in a real-life land-based casino. These qualities mixed with intuitive interfaces, while using only high-tech and cutting-edge technology makes their games stand out in the crowd with games that can entertain for hours ends.

Felt creates a connection between the real casinos and a modern, and straight forward design of games. They are all made to look as real as possible, with high-end graphics and sound effects. And what might be one of the best things – Felt games are available for play via desktop, tablet, and mobile – also in both single and multi-player formats, meaning you can play these games with others. 

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Sounds alluring, doesn’t it? Table game enthusiast or not, Felt can with their games turn just about anyone into one. We will now learn more, feel more, and do more with Suit´em Up Blackjack, are you ready? 

What is Suit´em Up Blackjack?

Suit´em Up Blackjack is one of the fastest growing Blackjack Side Bet games in Las Vegas today, and the game is featured in the biggest casinos there, such as in The Venetian, The Palazzo, The Tropicana, and on the station's casinos. Suit´em Up Blackjack is a classic Blackjack game, with a twist of a Suit´em Up Side Bet, which is completely optional. 

The game is played with six decks, all of 52 cards each and you can play up to a total of three hands at one time. When in the desktop version you can play how many hands at once as you wish, up to three. When in the mobile version of the game you can play one hand at a time.

The game is easy to play as it mainly works as the classic Blackjack, but we will get you all the details on how it works, what the extras are, and more about the Suit´em Up Side Bet. 

How to start the game 

As in all Blackjack games, you need to start with choosing your bet values by selecting chips from the chip selector at the bottom of the screen. You can choose different values of watch chip according to your wish, as long as it doesn’t go over the max bet of the hand. To choose values, you simply pick the desired chips and put them in the highlighted circles on the table. 

The first bet you need to set is the Blackjack Bet. You can see where to add this as the circles will be highlighted for you. Remember that this is your Blackjack Bet, and not the Suit´em Up Side Bet. 

After the Blackjack bet is in place, you can place the optional Suit´em Side Bet, and this is not possible to do before that is settled. The Side Bet circles will be highlighted too. 

When both the Blackjack Bet and the optional Suit´em Up Side Bet has been placed, and you are satisfied, then you are ready to start the game. You do this easily by pressing the Deal button. 

How to play Suit´em Up Blackjack

As soon as the Deal button is pressed, the game starts with the cards being dealt. As soon as they are dealt, your two cards on each hand will be evaluated against the Suit´em Up Side Bet pay table. All Side Bets are then settled before you play your Blackjack hand and have any idea of what the outcome of it all will be. 

Each Suit´em Up, Side Bet is based on the first two cards dealt to you on each specific hand. If you have placed a Side Bet on a hand where you have the two cards of the same suit, then you will win a multiple of your stake. The win multiple is based on the rank of your two cards, per the pay table.

An example is if you have made a stake of €5 for the Side Bet, and the first two cards dealt to you are both Ace´s of Spades, then you will win €50. This since your €5 stake is multiplied by the return of the Suited Aces. In total, you would then win €55 as the €5 stake is given back to you. 

When all is settled, it is time to play your Blackjack hand – with a goal to beat the dealer with a hand of a higher value than his – without exceeding 21. 

Now, there are a few outcomes that could occur. 

The dealer gets a Blackjack; if the dealer has a Blackjack, you will still get the Insurance Bet no matter who wins the game, even if you go bust. (You can read about the Insurance Bet in the “Help” section in the game.)

The dealer doesn’t get a Blackjack; if the dealer doesn’t get a Blackjack, then you lose the Insurance Bet, and the stake is taken off the table. Your Blackjack Bet stands and remains until you win or goes bust.

In every hand, you need to choose if you wish to Hit or Stand. This means if you wish to get another card to increase your card amount to be able to come closer to 21. If you are satisfied with your card number, close to 21, then you choose to press Stand. When choosing Stand, you move on to the next card. 

Game results

If your hand at the end is greater than the dealers´, then you will win 1-1 on the total Blackjack stake of that hand. 

If your hand is the same valued as the dealers´, then it will be a Push (a tie), and your bet is returned to you. 

If the dealers´ hand is greater than yours, the dealer wins and your stake is not returned. 

Suit´em Up Blackjack is certainly a fun and new way of playing this classic favourite, and there is no question in mind how it is the fastest growing Side Bet game. With its high payouts, you can never go wrong with this masterpiece from Felt. 

We wish you the best of luck!