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SugarPop is an extremely unique online slot game, offering sensational rewards and an astonishing game play experience. When the candies pop and new candies cascade down, the more opportunity for additional wins as well as the chance as more special candies results. All of the regular candies will pop before any special candies can perform their unique action.

Regular candy – a payout is awarded for each candy popped. Candy will pop when three or more candies of a matching colour are touching on any side. All wins pay. Not only do you get rewarded for combinations that touch horizontally, but also vertically. So as long as the candies are touching horizontally or vertically you’ll be rewarded. The combination possibilities are endless! Each spin will contain primarily regular candy with the chance for random “special candies” to occur. When you earn combinations of regular candies, those sugary sweets will pop!

During your gameplay you will earn points towards reaching the higher levels. Each time you fill the meter on the right side of the game, you will reach a higher level. Some levels unlock brand new special candies which were not available on previous levels.

Starting off with the Super Color – When four of the same colour create a combination, they will form a special color symbol of the matching colour. If this combines with matching colours before the next spin, they will multiply the combination they occur in.

Color Bomb – When 5 or more of the same colour create a combination, they will form a special Color Bomb symbol of the matching colour. If this combines with matching colours before the next spin, every symbol of the matching colour on the reels will explode!

Available on level one is the Lollipop, when you have no more wins, it’s not a problem with the Lollipop, as it will give you a second chance. This candy swirls brand new candies onto the screen. When you’ve levelled up, and reached level 2, you’ll unlock the Caramel Chew. From it’s starting position, the chew will take a random path around the reels, crushing everything that is in its way. The white chocolate then comes in at level 4 and onwards. This white chocolate square shoots almonds, exploding direct candies for quick wins! The Gumdrop which comes available at level 6 onwards, is a special candy that will suck up a number of nearby candies before exploding. The Jawbreaker from its beginning position, this tasty morsel will launch off the reels, crushing some nearby candies. Whilst the Candy Cane which unlocks at level 10 onwards, explodes all of the candies on the same row and column as well as itself. That’s an epic Combo!

Furthermore, available on level 12 onwards, are the Jelly Beans. One of these happy beans will fly off, landing on a target and exploding sweet wins! Then comes in the Chocolate from level 15 upwards. A 3x3 box surrounding the chocolate will become chocolate and pop! Yummy!

And lastly available on level 20 is the Cotton Candy – watch in sweet amazement as a tornado of cotton candy sweeps up tons of wins.

To the left of the game you will see a circle containing the bonus pattern. To earn the bonus pattern, you must earn exploding candies in the positions indicated in the bonus pattern. Clearing the bonus pattern adds up to 600 additional points towards your level score, depending on your current level.

Try to get your high score now with this sweet sugar filled, fun and unusual slot with Sugar Pop!