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Play Pollen Nation online: Check out our slot review below

Pollen Nation Slots at is a very well executed five reel slots machine. There are multiple bonus features and special symbols, all presented in the professional graphics you can expect at, included on this slots machine that really adds a lot of excitement and made for any enjoyable play.

The first things you will notice about this slots machine are the very well done betting options. There are 25 different pay lines upon which you can bet on. This really serves to increase the overall winning percentages and thusly made for a more engaging game. The betting range is also well above average and you can spin the reels for as little as a penny or for a maximum of 125 dollars. The betting range is great since it meets the needs of almost all players.

There are a lot of symbols included on the Pollen Nation slot and you will find it simple and easy to understand which ones represent what. You find the Baby symbol which lets you in the popular bonus mode, you find the Queen who is wild and will earn you many extra coins. Also look for the postman, the nurse and the guard, they can all win you extra prizes! The sounds are original on this slot machine and they are all theme oriented.