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Phantasmic Fortunes Introduction 

iSoftbet uses a magician's lair to introduce a slot featuring a brand-new mechanic. As the first slot to showcase the Xpanding Ways feature, Phantasmic Fortunes has the reels grow in height whenever the player lands a diamond symbol. The 5-reel slot starts with 3 rows, but this can reach up to 6, adding to the number of paylines along the way. Once the reel reaches 6 rows in height it hits one of the orbs set on top of slot, each of which holds a prize revealed at the start of the game. Will you manage to get any of the multipliers, get a set of stacked wilds or earn a round of free spins? There is only one way to find out, and that is to take on the Xpanding Ways-powered reels of Phantasmic Fortunes!

Phantasmic Fortunes Game Features 

Phantasmic Fortunes is a 5-reel slot that starts off with 3 rows and 243 paylines. The number of rows can reach a total of 6 through a mechanic iSoftbet calls Xpanding Ways. Land a diamond symbol and the row in question grows by 1 row in height. This also adds to the number of paylines, which you can check in the box set in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. With a full complement of 5 reels and 6 rows the slot can hold a maximum of 7,776 paylines! That said, once a reel grows to 6 rows it hits one of the orbs set on top of the slot. These hold a prize, which is revealed when the game is started. 

You can win up to 2 orb prizes in 1 spin, which include multipliers reaching up to 200x (at least during regular spins), free spins and the Phantasmic and Magic Wild features. Phantasmic Wilds adds a stack of 2, 3 or 4 stacked wilds filling an entire reel, while Magic Wild adds up to 6 random wilds. Once you hit an orb and get the prize within all reels reset back to 3 rows in height and the orbs get new prizes. The next spin might also get a Magic Boost, where up to 2 random reels grow by 1 row in height. 

Phantasmic Fortunes Free Spins and Bonuses 

You can earn free spins in two ways - either hitting a bonus orb carrying free spins or landing the 3 bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. This round is not limited by the amount of spins. Instead, these Phantasmic Free Spins go on until you manage to hit an orb featuring the "Collect" icon. The round starts with reels 3 rows high and, in case you hit an orb without the Collect, the prize inside is awarded and the reel resets back to 3 rows height. The orb also gets both a new prize and Collect. Once the free spins are over all reels reset back to the original 3 rows height and all orbs are refreshed with new prizes. 

Phantasmic Fortunes Payouts 

The top hat, playing cards and potion bottle are the high-paying symbols, respectively earning you up to 5x, 2.5x and 2x the stake. The pocket watch is worth up to 1.5x the bet and the raven 1x. Moving on to the low-paying card suites, the heart and spade can bring up to 0.6x the stake and the diamond and club 0.5x. 

Phantasmic Fortunes Graphics and Sound 

Phantasmic Fortunes brings an atmosphere both magical and mysterious in its violet velvet-lined chamber! On the left-hand side of the slot you can spot the magician holding an eldritch green flame, while on the right there are a pair of flickering candles and a spooky-looking skull. The slot itself is simply but effectively designed. It might initially look a bit squashed, but give the game some time and it starts to grow, until it reaches all the way to the glowing orbs on top! Further enhancing the atmosphere is the music that plays as you spin the reels. 

Phantasmic Fortunes Conclusion 

Phantasmic Fortunes makes for an excellent debut for a fascinating new game mechanic, as well as a great slot on its own right. The Xpanding Ways add to the excitement as the reels grow in height, until they reach the orbs above - which means prizes! Give it a go here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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