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Play Perfect Pairs Blackjack online: Check out our review below

It is time to shuffle up and deal in one of the most profitable Blackjack game in the world. The number one Blackjack Side Bet game is upon you, and it is brought to you by one of the best providers when it comes to online table games. This is a game found on all continents of the world, as well as in all leading online casinos and Live Dealer platforms. We are welcoming; Perfect Pairs Blackjack from no other than Felt LTD!

Felt LTD is, as mentioned, one of the world´s most exclusive, dedicated, and leading providers of online table games in most genres. The main focus at Felt is to create authentic and realistic looking games that can take players on a gaming experience like no other – an experience similar to the one when playing in a real-life land-based casino. These qualities mixed with intuitive interfaces, while using only high-tech and cutting-edge technology makes their games stand out in the crowd with games that can entertain for hours ends.

Felt creates a connection between the real casinos and a modern, and straight forward design of games. They are all made to look as real as possible, with high-end graphics and sound effects. And what might be one of the best things – Felt games are available for play via desktop, tablet, and mobile – also in both single and multi-player formats, meaning you can play these games with others. 

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Let us now find out what makes Perfect Pairs the number one Blackjack game in the world! 

What is Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

Perfect Pairs is the most popular Blackjack Side Bet game in the world, and it is frequently played in casinos all over the world. The game is a standard hand of Blackjack where you play against the dealer, and a Perfect Pairs Side Bet. The Side Bet is always optional as an extra chance of winning big. The Perfect Pairs bet wins if the first two cards dealt with you are a pair of the same face value – meaning two cards of the same, such as two kings, two queens, two tens, etc. We will get more into this shortly. 

Perfect Pairs is played with six decks of 52 cards each, and up to three hands can be played at once when in the desktop version. When playing on mobile, you can play one hand at a time. 

How to start the game

To start the game, you simply need to choose and place your desired bets. First off, you need to select your chip values from the chip selector at the bottom of the screen. These, you place firstly for your Blackjack Bet and these are the bigger circles on the table. Note that these first bets are your Blackjack Bets, not your Perfect Pairs Bet. 

Since you can play up to three hands per game, you can choose how many of the circles you wish to place your bets on. 

After the Blackjack Bet has been set, you can place the Perfect Pairs Side Bet – and it is completely optional. You can see where to place these bets as they will be highlighted in white after the Blackjack Bet has been placed. It is only possible to place the Perfect Pair Bet after the first, Blackjack Bet has been made and settled. 

To settle your bets, you simply press the Deal button, and the game is ready to start. 

How to play Perfect Pairs

When you have settled your bets and pressed Deal, the cards are immediately dealt. Right after this your Side Bets will be settled on your left hand to your right hand, and the Side Bet is settled before you play the Blackjack hand against the dealer, with no clue of the outcome. 

The Perfect Pairs Bet is based on the two cards you are dealt on each specific card you are playing. If you have a Side Bet on one hand where you have a pair of same face value (meaning a pair), then you will win a multiple of the side bet value placed on hat specific hand. 

An example is if you place a €5 Side Bet on the two cards dealt with you, and that hand has the same face value and of the same suit (such as 2x 10´s of Hearts, which makes a perfect pair), you will win €125. This is your stake for the hand of €5 multiplied by 25, which is the return payout for a Perfect Pair. In the end, you will be paid €130 though, this since you will get your €5 stake back too. 

As this is done – the game starts for real. Now, your goal is to beat the dealer with a hand value that is higher than the dealers but without going over 21. 

You can see all your current values in the little black drop above your cards. 

Two outcomes could occur after this. These are the following; 

The dealer gets a Blackjack; if the dealer has a Blackjack, you will still get the Insurance Bet no matter who wins the game, even if you go bust. (You can read about the Insurance Bet in the “Help” section in the game.)

The dealer doesn’t get a Blackjack; if the dealer doesn’t get a Blackjack, then you lose the Insurance Bet, and the stake is taken off the table. Your Blackjack Bet stands and remains until you win or goes bust.

In every hand, you need to choose if you wish to Hit or Stand. This means if you wish to get another card to increase your card amount to be able to come closer to 21. If you are satisfied with your card number, close to 21, then you choose to press Stand. When choosing Stand, you move on to the next card. 

When the dealer then has settled his turn, then the Blackjack hands are settled too. If your hand total is greater than the dealers´, then you will win 1-1 on the total stake that was bet on that hand. If you have the same value as the dealer, it will be a Push (meaning it’s a tie). And if the dealers´ hand is greater, then the dealer wins and your stake is lost. 

The total amount you won will be displayed in the Paid field at the top corner of the screen. 

So, how does this sound? Felt LTD has certainly made a unique version of this popular and world famous online game. Perfect Pairs Blackjack by Felt is surely an addition worth your wild – are you ready to shuffle it up? 

Good luck!