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Orb of Osiris Introduction 

The god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life and vegetation, Osiris was probably one of the busiest figures in the ancient Egyptian religion. Typically depicted as a green-skinned man with a pharaoh's beard and a distinctive crown, Osiris was killed and cut to pieces by his brother, Set, but then brought to life by his wife Isis after she found all the pieces and wrapped him up. This led to Osiris being associated with the practice of mummification the Egyptians were so famous for, as well as his becoming the god of the underworld. Pharaohs were also associated with Osiris, as it was believed that in death they would be united with him, and inherit eternal life through imitative magic. 

The Egyptian gods also preside in this latest cluster slot from Live 5 Gaming. This game brings a bit of a twist on the genre, as it takes place across 3 layers of symbols. Get a win on the first layer by landing a cluster of 3 or more symbols that are touching vertically or horizontally (but not both at the same time) and you will reveal a second layer of symbols. Removing symbols from the second layer through wins reveals the third layer, which is made entirely of ankhs. These are the bonus symbols, and revealing 4 or more of these earns you a round of free spins! Now let us peel the layers of this slot as we find out what Orb of Osiris is all about! 

Orb of Osiris Game Features 

Orb of Osiris is a cluster slot set on a 5x5 grid. Wins are formed by landing 3 or more adjacent matching symbols any of the 10 paylines on offer, which are either vertical or horizontal. There is a selection of 9 symbols in all, with the highest-paying red orb, the four gods Anubis, Sobek, Isis and Bastet, and the spade, heart, club and diamond card suits. Also present on the grid is the scarab wild, able to substitute for all paying symbols to form paylines. Forming a win reveals a second layer of symbols underneath the grid. Get a win with symbols in the second layer to reveal a third layer, one that is composed solely of ankhs. These are bonus symbols, and revealing 4 or more of these triggers the free spins. In addition, at the end of a spin you might randomly activate the orb modifier. This removes up to 8 lines from the current layer, revealing the symbols underneath. 

Orb of Osiris Free Spins and Bonuses 

Triggering a round of free spins in Orb of Osiris requires you to reveal 4 or or more ankhs, which are found on the third layer of the grid. This earns you 10 free spins (with +1 more free spins for every extra bonus symbol) with a progressive multiplier feature. Reach the third level during this round and you will get an additional 1-3 free spins and increase the round multiplier by +1. Layers in the free spins are also potentially infinite. 

Orb of Osiris Payouts 

The scarab wild brings the biggest payout here, as 5 in a payline are worth 25x the bet. The orb follows at up to 10x. Of the four gods, Anubis and Sobek are worth up to 6.4x the bet and Bastet and Isis up to 3.2x. The low-paying heard and diamond can earn you up to 2.4x the bet and the club and diamond 1x. 

Orb of Osiris Graphics and Sound 

The Orb of Osiris grid is set on a top-down view of an Egyptian temple, one complete with statues of the gods towering over the action. As such the grid looks like it is part of the temple, with the symbols making the tiles of this particular floor. These tiles can hold either the simply designed low pays in red, green, pink and blue and the four high-paying gods, which are also in the same colours. A spin has these tiles drop down with a thud, while wins make them explode in a rather satisfying manner before revealing the next layer underneath. 

Orb of Osiris Conclusion 

Orb of Osiris brings a different take on the cluster slot, one that is livened up immensely through its unique layer system. There is always a level of excitement as you set to reveal the third layer, with which comes the promise of free spins! Check out Orb of Osiris here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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