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Play Monopoly Mega Movers online: Check out our review below

Monopoly Mega Movers introduction

Monopoly – an infamous board game created by the Parker brothers, subtitled as “The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game” with an aim to dominate the market as an entity. But originally, the game was created by a woman named Elizabeth Maggie, who wanted people to understand taxes in hopes of changing the community. 

The game has been in most homes all over the world, with over 275 million games were sold in over 111 different countries. It has also been translated into 43 languages. The longest-running game lasted for 70 days straight before a winner was cast, and players have created six billion houses and 2.25 billion hotels in the game. more interesting facts is that Monopoly was made into a 23-carat board with a diamond-studded dice, and in 2007, a Monopoly game was sent into space for the very first time. it is a fascinating story behind an even more fascinating game. 

When it comes to online Video Slots, Monopoly is also a very popular theme. Multiple Monopoly games have been made before, all encrusted with various unique features – with one thing in common. All inspired by Monopoly and everything that has to do with it. 

We are proud to present yet another edition, this is; Monopoly Mega Movers from Williams Interactive!

Monopoly Mega Movers features

The game holds a number of familiar tokens from the original game of Monopoly. All looking exactly like our favourites. The lower valued symbols are made of the yellow arrow, the sparkling background symbol, the railroad, the car, the hat, the battleship, the dog, and the ducky. The higher valued symbols go from silver to gold – being represented by the penguin, the T-Rex, and Mr Monopoly himself, who is the top player of the basic symbols. 

Above these, there are a few extra special symbols to keep a lookout for. These can award you some innovative Bonuses and features, which we will take you through below. 

Monopoly Mega Movers free spins and bonuses

There are two main features of Monopoly Mega Movers, and these are the Wheel Feature and the Free Spins. Let us reveal all the juicy possibilities of them! 

The Wheel Feature

When three or more of the sparkling background symbols appear on the same row, it will award one spin of the correspondent wheel of luck. You can win and be awarded prizes for how many rows you land the symbols on. These prizes are as followed;

3 in a row Wheel: you can be awarded 1 spin of the 4 in a row Wheel, 1 spin on the Wild Spin Bonus, trigger the Free Spins (an amount equal to the number displayed on the wedge), be awarded the Jackpot meter to the Mini and Minor Jackpot. 

4 in a row Wheel: you can be awarded 1 spin on the 5 in a row Wheel, 1 spin on the Wild Spin Bonus, trigger the Free Spins (an amount equal to the number displayed on the wedge), be awarded the Jackpot meter to the Minor and Major Jackpot.

5 in a row Wheel: you can be awarded 1 spin of the Wild Spin Bonus,  trigger the Free Spins (an amount equal to the number displayed on the wedge), be awarded the Jackpot meter to the Major, Mega and Grand Jackpot!

You can see all the details on how the Wheel Bonus works in the paytable of the game.

The Wild Spin Bonus is one you can be awarded the Wheel Bonus. You can be awarded between 3 and 12, depending on what row Wheel you land and how many. Wilds will also be added to the feature. 

When it comes to the standard Free Spins Feature which you can also win in the Wheel Bonus, you have the opportunity to win between a staggering 5 to 100 Free Spins! 

Monopoly Mega Movers payouts

Monopoly Mega Movers is a Video Slot played with 5 reels over 3 rows, and additional 30 paylines. you can choose to play with the so-called Extra Bet, which gives the chance of higher wins. 

Monopoly Mega Movers graphics and music

The layout, design, and graphics of Monopoly Mega Movers is one that attracts the eye instantly. The reels are placed in front of a blue, sparkly background, with the three reels spinning slowly above the reels. The green 3 in a row Wheel, the yellow 4 in a row Wheel, and the red 5 in a row Wheel – all displaying the prizes you might be awarded.

On the reels, you can see the flawlessly made to resemble the original tokens from Monopoly. It all takes you back in time to the days spent on the board game with family and friends – simply enjoyable. 

About Williams Interactive

Williams Interactive is a wholly owned subsidiary of WMS Industries, which dates all the way back to 1943 where founder Harry Williams invented the Tilt mechanism for Pinball machines.

Williams Interactive is one of the world’s biggest providers of online casino entertainment and one of the oldest in the business. During the years they have provided casino lovers with amazing titles like Zeus, the Wizard of Oz and Bruce Lee, and they keep producing fantastic games year after year.

Their longevity and unique position Williams Interactive has in this business have led to a company with a strong social compass actively involved in supporting the efforts of social service organisations, schools and other non-profit organisations. This social awareness has set a brilliant example for other developers and keeps the organisation grounded and aware. 

As early as 2009 they started their “Green Initiative” where they make an effort to reduce their waste and energy consumption to be a company more in touch with the modern zeitgeist embracing local eco-sensitive projects with employees volunteering their time and efforts to projects in the markets where it operates.