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Play Money Farm online: Check out our slot review below

You are most welcome to this brilliant video slot game where appearance doesn’t matter and farm life has taken on a whole new twist. Do not judge the book by its funny-looking cover; this video slot offers a lot more surprises and rewarding attributes than you might think! This is a game brought to you by GameArt – Money Farm! 

GameArt is an independent online casino software provider and developer of cutting-edge games which they in its turn deliver to the biggest operators in the markets. GameArt was founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs with over 20 years’ experience in both the online and land-based industry. They created GameArt and turned it into a B2B provider with offices across Europe. Their employees work tirelessly to provide high-quality slot games with innovative and creative themes based on the client's request and desires.

And yet again, GameArt proves that they are the reliable and respected provider they gained a reputation for being, this time with Money Farm. 

Money Farm Main game

Money Farm is entertaining already at the moment you enter the game. The first thing you see are funny animations of various farm animals, all looking a bit stupid with big smirks on their faces. The slot is a very entertaining game with many appealing attributes. The theme is fun, the graphics are very well-done, the layout is very creative and cleverly made, and the features are highly rewarding. 

The symbols of Money Farm are also very suiting to the theme of the game. Across the reels, you will run into symbols such as the chicken, the egg, the cow, the sheep, pig, and dog. Apart from these symbols, you will also see the standard card deck symbols ranging from 9 to King. 

These card deck symbols are the lower paying symbols. The farm animals are the higher paying ones, even though they all pay differently. The cow is the highest paying ordinary symbol, but then you also have the special ones. The Chicken is the games´ Wild symbol, and the egg is the Scatter. Both of these can grant you with some grand rewards and features. 

Money Farm theme, graphics, and music

Has the theme become apparent yet? Well, it is a very easy to get a grip of kind of theme. This video slot takes place on a farm, portraying the farm life – a hard working life every hour of the day. But you won´t have to work so hard to get the rewards on this special farm! 

As you can see in the background, the farm is set somewhere in the countryside with the grand corn fields stretching over the hills. The farm is set on one of the hills, with the windmill and the landscape surrounding it, a perfect place for the sweet animals you will meet in the slot. The fluffy clouds cover the yellow sky at dawn. 

The reels are formed as haystacks, and the reels are set in a chicken’s den where the eggs are waiting to crack open the tiny little chicklets.  

The graphics are very clear and clean cut; GameArt obviously has a great eye for details and this game is yet another proof of that. The vivid colours and the well-crafted animations are very fun and loving, making it a theme very easy to like. 

The tip of the cake is the country inspired tunes that are played after every win, which gives Money Farm an even greater dynamic feel. GameArt somehow managed to make a dirty and fairly unattractive hood, into a sweet and very likeable place to spend hour after hour!

Money Farm Payout

You will be playing Money Farm on 5 reels and a shy 5 fixed paylines. This means that you have to play on all 5 paylines on every spin. 

The max bet is of €2.50, with a bet value between 0.01 and 0.50 – making it a fairly limited slot when it comes to the betting range. But the features and wins make up for this. 

Money Farm Bonus game

Money Farm offers quite a few rewarding features and prizes, but no specific bonus game. 

If you enjoy the peaceful and fun theme of a farm with all its fun animals, added with a bonus game, then you should check out Farm Slot from GamesOS. This is a slot with a similar theme of life on a farm, with a bonus game where you will plant your own special seed as you manage to activate the bonus. The seeds will then grow into money all while you sit back, relax, and watch the winnings grow. 

Money Farm Free spins

The free spins in Money Farm can be activated by the sweet looking chicken with the bright blue eyes and the bright red comb. This acts as the games´ Wild symbol, however, this is the symbol that can activate the only free spins feature of the game. When you get a winning combination from the Wilds, you can be awarded free spins. 

While playing this feature, every grain symbol can repeat the win that activated the free spins in the first place – meaning you have the opportunity to re-activate the spins again. 

Game features

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol is as mentioned the sweet chicken which can activate free spins. But it has other abilities as well, fore and most it can step in to replace other symbols to create a winning combination for you. The Wilds can appear on reels 3, 4, and 5, and the more chickens you manage landing on there, the better chance you have of winning greater rewards. 

Scatter symbol

The egg acts as the games´ Scatter symbol, and this is the high paying symbol that can reward you big time. As little as two egg symbols can give you grand wins – at the most you can get 5 of these symbols in one spin. 

This sounds pretty fun, doesn´t it? Money Farm is a very entertaining video slot offering everything you could possible crave from a game like this, the animations with the theme and the features all contribute to a great atmosphere and a memorable gaming experience. We wish you the best of luck!