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Maze Escape Megaways Introduction

The tale of Theseus and the Minotaur remains one of the most enduring the Greek myths. The minotaur was actually the monstrous son of Queen Pasiphae, wif of King Minos. The king refused to kill the half-man half-bull, instead hiding it in a labyrinth built by the inventor Daedalus and his son Icarus, the lad who famously proceeded to fly too close to the sun. King Minos had his enemies fed to the Minotaur until Theseus, son of Aegeus the king of Athens, managed to make it through the labyrinth with the help of Princess Ariadne, daughter of king Minos, who gave him a golden thread to track his way back out once he slew the monster. Fantasma Games took the labyrinth of the maze to heart in Maze Escape Megaways. This different take on the Megaways-powered is based around the Shifting Maze Avalanche mechanic that has you make your way across the labyrinth, golden thread in hand. But how does it truly work? Well, read on to find out, of course!

Maze Escape Megaways Game Features 

Maze Escape Megaways is a unique slot based around an unusually tall 6-reel, 7-row format. The Megaways engine takes care of the paylines, which can total to up to 117,649. Paylines are formed by landing 3 or more matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from reel 1 and moving from left to right. There are 9 paying symbols on the reels, divided equally between high, mid and low pays. The high pays are three characters, Theseus, Daedalus and Icarus. The mid pays consist of a helmet, wreath and axe, while the Greek letters omega, theta and lambda make the low pays. The final symbol on the reels is the golden scatter. Land 4 of these to gain a round of Labyrinth Free Spins! Then there are the grey blockers, of which every row has at least 6. Blockers cannot make part of any winning combination, and can only be removed through the Shifting Maze Avalanche which we will explain below. 

While spinning the reels you will notice a golden border around the middle symbol on reel 1, specifically in row 4. Form a payline starting from this position and it will bring the Path symbol of the round, triggering the Shifting Maze Avalanche. Once the spin is finished, all symbols are removed except for the Path symbols, which are centered before all reels shift one step to the left. Reel 1 is removed from the screen and a new reel with 1-6 blockers enters from the rightmost side of the slot. Following the shift 2 random blockers are unlocked and new symbols are dropped on the reels. If any of the new symbols add to the Path the process is repeated, until there are no more winning combinations with Path symbols. 

The Shifting Maze Avalanche adds two new blockers to the reels. Unlocking the Athena blocker triggers the Guidance of Athena feature, which adds up to 4 Path symbols on empty positions before new symbols drop into the empty spaces. The Minotaur blocker, on the other hand, brings the Minotaur Wild feature. This fills the entire reel with a giant Minotaur wild able to not only substitute for all symbols but also add a random multiplier ranging from 1x up to 7x.

Maze Escape Megaways Free Spins and Bonuses 

Earning free spins in Maze Escape Megaways requires you to land 3 golden scatters. You start off with 10 free spins where all wins trigger a Shifting Maze Avalanche, only this time around it will include an increasing win multiplier that starts at 1x. The free spins also add another blocker, the Wings of Icarus. This will either award you with 1-3 more free spins or increase the win multiplier by 1-3x. 

Maze Escape Megaways Payouts 

According to Fantasma Games, the maximum payout can reach up to 25,000x the stake. In terms of symbol payouts, Theseus brings the highest at up to 2x the stake for a 6-symbol paylines, followed by Daedalus at up to 2.5x and Icarus at 2x. The helmet is worth up to 1.5x the stake, the wreath 1.25x and the axe 1x. The low pays, on the other hand, can bring up to 0.75x the bet. 

Maze Escape Megaways Graphics and Sound 

Fantasma Games is well known to produce atmospheric games, and Maze Escape Megaways proves to be no exception. The slot is set on a backdrop of lovingly painted ruins marking the entrance to the mysterious labyrinth. The symbols on the reels feature a similarly painterly style, and drop on the reels with a rather satisfying heft. The action only gets more intense whenever you trigger the free spins, since this is when you will descend into the labyrinth and get to meet the likes of minotaur! Further enhancing the atmosphere is the dramatic soundtrack that plays as you spin the reels. 

Maze Escape Megaways Conclusion 

Maze Escape Megaways is not only a very different take on the Megaways slot, but one that also succeeds into bringing its mythological theme to life. Starting a Path to make your way into the labyrinth, getting bigger wins as you go, will truly make you feel like Theseus himself! Check it out here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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