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The vast emptiness of space left mankind questioning the existence for a long time. So far we can’t answer the great question if we are alone in this universe or not, but many scientists conclude that the chances are good we are not. So, whatever it may be, we can only hope that the visitors are peaceful, if we aren’t the visitors one day. But what will they look like, what will be their motives? We can’t say for sure, so far, we can only guess. The people at SETI, the program for the Search of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence hasn’t come up with any signs yet but is still having an eye out for any other species trying to communicate with us.

Whatever the future will bring, mankind must prepare for this moment, and today’s review is about exactly this. Little Green Money is a humorous approach on how this scenario could look like. Habanero created this funny themed slot with a funny undertone. The green man came in peace and brought many prizes and wins. You just have to go for it using one of the two free spin features and the many wilds.

Little Green Money Game Features

The game has a lot to offer and the little green men were generous enough to grant us their riches and wisdom in a form we understand, a grid of five reels and three rows. You have to bring the different symbols in a row of at least two to three symbols of the same kind on one of the 25 pay lines to get a prize. They only count left to right, but you can choose the amount of lines you bet on yourself. This, together with the choice of coin size and bet level enable you to place bets between € 0.01 and € 125. 

Little Green Money Free Spins and bonuses

The mighty man from outer space have come in peace and bring lots of features and extras to the mortal humans. For this reason, there are two different kinds of scatter symbols in this game, the planet and the crop circle. 

The planet symbols trigger the planet free game feature once you have 3 of them anywhere on the reels. You get to play 5 free rounds and always have one UFO covering one reel with wilds. It starts on the 5th reel and moves one reel to the left each spin. Also, all winnings are doubled but you can’t retrigger those spins. 

The crop circle works similar. Three of those symbols activated 8 spins but this time all winnings are quadrupled. There are no extra wilds but this feature can be retriggered. 

Both ways offer a great chance for extra cash and enormous wins. 

Little Green Money Payouts

Little Green Money is unique not only thanks to its aliens and strange visitors, but especially thanks to the symbols only created for this slot. The cow, the FBI-Agent and the top-secret file pay 100 coins each when having 5 in a row, the farmer and the barn already pay 150 each, the two different aliens 500, the robot 1000 and the alien pistol pays a cash prize of 10,000 coins per bet line. You see, gigantic wins are waiting for you. Especially the UFO, the wild, can help you with this, be it in the planet free spins or in the base game. 

Little Green Money Graphics and Sound

Of course, the little green men coming from space have their slot adventure placed in outer space. For this reason, you can see a planet and a colourful nebula in the background. The symbols are all matching the them of little aliens coming to earth, including shocked farmers and abducted cows. The sound effects are equally funny and make up for the missing background music. 

Little Green Money Conclusion

Little Green Money is a great slot with a lot of fun. This is due to the many little symbols that tell the story of how the aliens landed and left humanity baffled but also because of the two different free spin modes, each with different extras. One of them rewards with one reel of wilds while the other one quadruples your winnings. The chances are huge considering the best symbol pays 10,000 coins. 

Make your spins and possibly some new friends and riches, just avoid being abducted!

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