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Hula Hula Nights introduction

The well-known dance of Hawaii; Hula Hula has made a known name for itself all over the world and it´s not just the costumes used, but also the meaning of every movement made. Each movement in the dance has a special meaning, referring to flowers, rain and so forth. The words and the body language complete each other as they belong together. If you want to succeed with a truly great Hula dance, you always have to make sure to keep a big smile on your lips, genuinely – as this is one of the most important parts of the dance. The difference between the Hula dance and others is that it takes words for the dance to start. With that said, it is impossible to dance the Hula Hula to drums, as you need a story for it to start. 

You will dance with Lei´s, which are Hawaiian flowers, placed around the neck and head, along with skirts made from banana leaves or dried plants. The women cover their chests with coconut shells and the men are bare-breasted. In this game, we will see all this and more from the tropical island of Hawaii – a sheer treat for the eyes. 

We proudly present; Hula Hula Nights from Barcrest!

Hula Hula Nights features

The Hawaiian game comes with 5 reels over 3 rows and additional 10 fixed paylines, meaning that you will place your bets on all lines. The game, however, comes with different bet levels, and at the highest level, you can choose 20 fixed paylines – which is the max. 

Hula Hula Nights free spins and bonuses

The main symbol of the game is the wooden head, and this has the ability to substitute for other symbols to then create winning combinations for you. Wilds can thereby substitute for all basic symbols, which does not apply to the Scatter. 

At any given time during the base game, the reels can enhance in green colours, and when this happens, similar symbols will rotate for better opportunities for landing wins. 

The Scatter Symbol consists of the Hula Hula Nights logo and when 3 or more of these will be displayed on the reels, the Free Spins Feature will be triggered. Depending on how many logos you land on, you will be awarded as follows:

3 Scatter Symbols awards 10 Free Spins

4 Scatter Symbols awards 15 Free Spins

5 Scatter Symbols awards 25 Free Spins

The Free Spins can continuously re-activate if you land more Scatter Symbols. 

The BB symbol at the bottom of the image represents the high bets, and if you choose to use these, you can surely use some if its special effects. 

Bet € 20: here, the Scatter Symbols has two positions and you will play with 20 active paylines. 

Bet € 30: here you can use the same features as mentioned above, and Wilds can also appear and then substitute for the Scatters. 

Bet € 50: here you also have a few similar advantages mentioned in the above levels. The difference here is that the Wilds can substitute for the symbols called “Collect”. 

Hula Hula Nights payouts

In Hula Hula Nights Video Slot, the lower valued and basic symbols consist of classic card deck symbols, ranging from 10, J, Q, K, and A. Three beautiful flowers in elegant purple, as well as the red and yellow metallic symbols, are the high valued symbols. Are you interested in landing the higher valued symbols, then you should keep a lookout for the two professional Hula dances. 

Hula Hula Nights graphics and music

The background goes with dark undertones which looks really elegant as a contrast to the vibrant and bright symbols placed over it. the classic card deck symbols all come with a Hawaiian touch, which suits flawlessly to the theme of the game – reminding of bent surfboards with cool decors. The remaining symbols all comes with high-quality graphics and a minimalistic style with a lot of details. The music in the game is truly entertaining and thrilling, just like one can imagine. 

About Barcrest

Barcrest Group Limited is a company that first saw the light of day in 1968. They primarily focus on creating and marketing of gaming equipment, online and offline, to the European market. They’re one of the most reliable game providers available and offer SWP gaming cabinets, gaming terminals based on servers, and video cabinets with multi-game features to bingo clubs, arcades, elite private member clubs and pubs. Barcrest has their sights set on the UK market in particular since they’re located in Ashton-under-Lyne. If you ever played a fruit machine in the UK during the ‘80s or ‘90s – it was probably a slot machine from Barcrest you fed your money into.

They started out with just regular slot machines for the UK market and would carry on to do so until the 1990’s where they were acquired by IGT. This would be the start of a prosperous journey and they ended up being one of the largest gaming software and solution providers in the industry. Barcrest was up for grabs a couple of years later and got picked up by the Scientific Games Corporation (SGC) who would take them to the next level. SGC was providing gaming solutions to over 50 countries and the merger of these companies just felt right. 

So what do Barcrest have to offer today? They are primarily focused on and specialised in, software systems and gaming products catered to computers and mobile devices. They used to do bingo and arcade games available in pubs etc. until just a few years ago, but that was the end of an era and they now focus mostly on the modern and profitable online gaming business.

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