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HippoPop Introduction 

The next slot in AvatarUX's PopWins series is truly a combo of styles and features. After all, HippoPop presents a vision of the African rainforest that's filtered through a psychedelic art style inspired by the Oaxacan and Alebrije folk style of Mexico. Meanwhile the 5-reel slot features the PopWins mechanic, which has any symbols making part of a winning combination "pop" into two random symbols, increasing the height of the reels they are on and potentially forming more paylines. The reels can reach up to 6 rows in height during regular spins, and having all reels reach this maximum will earn you a round of free spins that has the reel get up to 8 rows tall! Getting all reels to 6 rows tall also activates a multiplier that grows with each subsequent win before being carried over to the free spins. And that's not all one can discover in HippoPop, so let us take a closer look at this colourful game and find out what it is truly all about. 

HippoPop Game Features

HippoPop is a slot featuring 5 reels and, at least initially, 3 rows. This setup allows for 486 paylines that pay both ways, meaning they can start from either reel 1 or reel 5, moving from either left to right or right to left. That said paylines always require at least 3 matching symbols on adjacent reels. The symbols making part of a winning combination will split into two random symbols through the PopWins mechanic. This increases the number of rows on the reel in question, boosting the number of available paylines as well as potentially leading to more winning combinations. This way the PopWins mechanic repeats until there are no more paylines on the reels. Each reel can reach up to 6 rows in height, and getting all 5 reels to reach 6 rows first activates a progressive multiplier feature. This starts at 1x and increases by +1 with any subsequent win. This multiplier then carries over to the free spins feature, which is also triggered by getting all reels to 6 rows. 

As for the symbols forming all of these paylines, the game has a selection of 11. There is a golden hippo known as the Super High Pay, while the flamingo, panther and zebra are the high pays. As the mid pays you will find a frog, parrot and fish, and the traditional A, K, Q and J card royals make the low pays. The minimum bet is € 0.2 and the max. bet is € 40. 

HippoPop Free Spins and Bonuses 

Getting all reels to 6 rows tall in a single spin activates the free spins feature. You start off with 5 spins, but can spin the Bonus Wheel for a chance at getting more free spins. During the free spins the reels can reach up to 8 symbols in height, and the reels do not fully reset between spins. Instead the reels only reset down to the current shortest reel height. As mentioned earlier the win multiplier gained from the triggering spin carries over to the free spins, and continues growing by +1 with each win, while hippo symbols pay more the taller the reels are. Hippos pay out 2x their base value when all reels are 6 rows tall, 3x if the reels are 7 rows tall and 4x if the reels have 8 rows. Finally, getting all reels to a full 8 rows adds +2 free spins to the current total. 

Where available you can pay for a round of free spins. This costs 85x the bet, and you can either immediately start your 5 free spins with an initial multiplier of 2-4x or select the option to gamble these for a chance to get up to 12 free spins with a starting multiplier of up to 10x. 

HippoPop Payouts

The hippo is the highest paying symbol on the reels, with a full payline being worth 4x the bet. As mentioned above, the hippo pays even more during the free spins once all reels are 6 rows tall. The high-paying flamingo, panther and zebra can bring up to 2x the bet, and the frog, parrot and fish mid pays 1.5x. All the low pays are worth up to 1x the bet. 

HippoPop Graphics and Sound 

HippPop is definitely one of the most visually dazzling slots you will ever see! Set in a brilliantly painted jungle setting, the game features unique takes on the familiar African animals. Each of these is, essentially, a heavily stylised sculpture complete with a dazzling colours and brightly shining eyes. The game also truly comes to life whenever you start landing the wins, as that is when the PopWins feature kicks in. This has the winning symbols pop in two, causing the reel to grow and further adding to the excitement of the game! 

HippoPop Conclusion 

AvatarUX brings a slot that is unique even among its PopWins series with HippoPop! This game is striking in every way, from its unique mix of art styles to the way PopWins mechanic increases both the number of rows and paylines, potentially leading to more wins if not the free spins feature. So make sure to check out HippoPop here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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