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Golden Ticket 2 Introduction 

Roll up, roll up, the Golden Ticket circus is back in town! Play'n GO brings a sequel to its 2014 circus-themed cluster slot, and while Golden Ticket 2 retains the same 5x5 format, it also brings about new features such as a win multiplier and a meter adding wild multipliers to the grid when filled. Then there are the 3 characters, each influencing the wild multipliers in their own way! These characters also play a part in the free spins round which, like the original, is triggered whenever you manage to reveal the word BONUS hidden behind the symbols. 

For the curious, the word circus is of Roman origin. Back then the circus was a rectangular building with semi-circular ends designed to host all manner of events, such as horse and chariot races, equestrian shows, staged battles, gladiatorial combat and fights with trained animals. The first modern circus took place much later in 1768, when British cavalry officer Philip Astley created a modern amphitheatre featuring horse riding tricks, acrobats, tightrope walkers, jugglers and clowns. Astley referred to the performance space as a circle, and later the amphitheatre became known as the, well, circus!

Golden Ticket 2 Game Features 

Like the 2014 original, Golden Circus 2 is a cluster slot set on a 5x5 grid. The aim is to form clusters of 3 or more matching symbols in a row, either vertically or horizontally. Symbols forming a cluster disappear off the grid, allowing the remaining symbols to drop down in their place and potentially form new clusters. Each drop also increases a win multiplier by +1. The symbols on the grid are based around the circus and its stars, the ringmaster, the knife thrower and the clown. These 3 characters make the highest-paying symbols and can also be matched together in a cluster. In addition, you will also find the ringmaster's top hat, the knife thrower's daggers and target board, and the clown's juggling pins and unicycle. A final symbol is the wild. Represented by a golden ticket, this is created whenever you form a cluster of 3 symbols, replacing the middle symbol 

As well as adding to a win multiplier, forming clusters fills the 3-segment meter on the lower left-hand side of the grid. A 3x cluster fills 1 section, a 4x cluster fills 2 and a 5x cluster fills 3. Once the meter is filled it adds 1 or 2 multiplier wilds on the grid, with the character on the right-hand side on the grid determining which kind of multiplier wild will appear. The clown brings regular wilds, the knife thrower adds x2 wilds and the ringmaster x3 wilds. The filling of the meter also changes the character currently in play before the game continues normally. 

Golden Ticket 2 Free Spins and Bonuses 

Earning free spins in Golden Ticket 2 requires you to clear the BONUS row which moves randomly up and down the grid between spins. Once cleared, you get a chance at the free spins round with a choice of 3 options. These have you choose a character that determines the amount of spins, multiplier value and volatility in play, which are as follows: 

  • Clown - 5 highly volatile free spins with an x3 multiplier wild.
  • Knife Thrower - 7 medium volatile free spins with an x2 multiplier wild.
  • Ring master - 9 low volatile free spins with an x1 multiplier wild.

During free spins the 3-segment meter is replaced with a 5-segment version. Filling it triggers a Win Spin that adds a large 2x2 multiplier wild. Filling the meter during the Win Spin retriggers the feature without resetting the current win multiplier.

Golden Ticket 2 Payouts 

The titular golden ticket is the most valuable symbol here, as getting a cluster of 5 wilds will earn you 50x your initial stake. The ring master, knife thrower and clown with 10x your stake for a cluster of 5 featuring the same character, while a cluster consisting of any of the 3 characters is worth up to 5x your bet. The top hat can bring you up to 4x your bet, the daggers and target up to 3x and the juggling pins and unicycle up to 2x. In addition, clearing the entire board can earn you 500x your bet, and Play'n GO says the maximum win can reach to up to 5000x your stake. 

Golden Ticket 2 Graphics and Sound 

Golden Ticket 2 brings a complete refinement of the visual style seen in the same game. The action is now set inside the circus tent, with an enthusiastic audience checking out the show. On the left you can check out the animated chaaracter currently in play, while the grid is packed with beautifully designed symbols which drop in a rather satisfying manner whenever you manage to form a winning cluster. While playing you can also listen to typical circus-style music, not to mention the audience cheering you on as you form clusters! 

Golden Ticket 2 Conclusion 

Is Golden Ticket 2 a worthy successor to the popular first game? Definitely. It might look similar to the original, but Golden Ticket 2 brings subtle improvements to both the visuals and gameplay, with a sophisticated bonus system and impressive win potential. So, get to the Videoslots Casino big top and play Golden Ticket 2 T