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Play Get the Gold INFINIREELS Jackpots online: Check out our review below

Get the Gold InfiniReels Jackpots Introduction 

Gold panning is one of the simplest ways of mining for gold out there. The concept is quite straightforward - scoop up deposits in a pan, wet and loosen them from the soil with water. This leads to the lighter materials to rise upwards in the water while the heavier metals, including gold, will sink to the bottom of the pan. However the effectiveness of this method depends on the deposits being used, and even skilled panners can only work with a limited amount of material at a time. As such panning only remains in use with places where mining infrastructure is limited, although hobbyists also employ gold panning to collect a bit of gold dust to keep as a souvenir. Now you can try a digital version of panning for gold with Red Tiger's Get the Gold InfiniReels. InfiniReels is the Red Tiger version of the "infinite reels" concept, and here the developer ties it with the gold panning concept as the feature only kicks in when you manage to land 3 gold cart scatters. This is when the game starts getting more reels, with the gold cart scatters holding cash prizes! Now let us try this version of gold panning while we learn more about Get the Gold InfiniReels! 

Get the Gold InfiniReels Jackpots Game Features 

Get the Gold InfiniReels is a slot that starts with 3 reels, each with 3 rows. Winning combinations are formed by landing 3 matching symbols, one on each reel. Forming these wins is a selection of 6 symbols, namely the shovel, panel, boots, hat, kettle and fish. The final symbol on the reels is arguably the most important one. This is the gold cart scatter. Land 3 of these, one on each reel, to trigger Gold Rush Mode. This is the Red Tiger version of the "infinite reels" feature, and something that will be further detailed in the next section of this review. The minimum bet is € 0.1 and the max. bet is € 20.

Get the Gold InfiniReels Jackpots Free Spins and Bonuses

Landing 3 gold cart scatters, one on each reel, activates the Gold Rush feature. This adds one more reel to the slot, which spins to potentially add more gold carts or contribute to any other winning combinations on the reels. This process repeats until no more gold carts land for 4 consecutive spins. Gold carts hold a cash value based on their size, with small carts being holding 2-5x the bet, middle ones 7-10x and the biggest either 14-20x or exactly 50x the bet. There are also special orange double and green triple nuggets, which will respectively double or triple the amount collected so far. Keep in mind spins made during the Gold Rush feature are still paid. 

In addition, the Jackpots version of Get the Gold includes the Red Tiger Gaming jackpot feature. This is triggered whenever you land 3 or more jackpot symbols, which summons a jackpot wheel to determine the prize to be won. The values of the progressive jackpots on play can be seen on the panel set on the left-hand side of the slot, and these are based on seed fund formed by a percentage of all games being played at the time. The chances of winning a jackpot increase in correlation to the size of the stake in play. The size of the jackpot, as well as the time when it must pay out, can be found in the panel on the left-hand side of the screen. 

Get the Gold InfiniReels Jackpots Payouts 

The shovel is the highest paying of the regular symbols, with a payline of 3 being worth 0.7x the bet. The pan can bring up to 0.5x the bet, while the boots, hat, kettle and fish can earn you up to 0.4x, 0.3x, 0.2x and 0.1x the stake respectively. 

Get the Gold InfiniReels Jackpots Graphics and Sound

As is typical of Red Tiger slots, Get the Gold InfiniReels is a great looking title. We find ourselves in the American frontier, specifically in a makeshift mining facility where gold panning takes place. In fact, the reels make your pan, with the various symbols being fished out of the water. All of these are big and beautifully painted, and some of them appear to be leaping right out of the screen! Of course the most important of these are the cart scatters, which are filled with glittering gold. The water continues to flow as you spin the reels, while on top of the screen you will notice the shiny game logo. A twanging country tune plays throughout, which is perfect for this style of game. 

Get the Gold InfiniReels Jackpots Conclusion 

Red Tiger manages to bring something different to the "infinite reels" style of slot with Get the Gold InfiniReels! The scatters triggering the titular feature tie in perfectly with the gold panning theme, and they can bring about some solid wins whenever you land 3 on the reels. So make sure to check out Get the Gold InfiniReels here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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