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Play Gems of the Gods online: Check out our slot review below

We are glad to introduce you to a fun and unique video slot game brought to you by Push Gaming. It is a video slot built like few others, making it an innovative and modern addition to the otherwise so classic scene of slots. This is Gems of the Gods! 

I am sure you have heard of Push Gaming by now, a game development studio that specializes in creating cool and innovative games – foremost mobile – in HTML5. They offer their games to some of the worlds´ biggest operators, and is proud to be one of them. 

As a company, Push Gaming is fairly young; the company was founded in 2010 with the goal to take the land based games to the online market. But their journey has gone fast and steady, only a few years later they had started platform partnerships with grand providers, provided games with the biggest operators, and launched their first very own HTML5 game in 2015. Today they have brought us games such as Bonus Beans (their very first game), Meet the Meerkats, Humpty Dumpty, and more. 

This time, Push Gaming has created another masterpiece in the form of the video slot Gems of the Gods. 

Gems of the Gods main game

Gems of the Gods video slot offers a great theme, with a unique and cool feeling. At the first look, you will see the clear cut animations and details, and it is hard not to love it. What is so special about this slot, is the way it is built up. It is not the ordinary classic slot, the reels and the rows are made in a similar way as a puzzle game, such as in Candy Crush and Bejeweled. But the game still does give a very serene feeling at the same time with its calm and beautiful colours ranging in shades of blue, purple, and pink. 

The symbols in Gems of the Gods are all made to fit the theme perfectly, and they are all different types of gems and jewels. You have triangular teal gems, sky blue rhombus stones, hexagonal deep blue sapphires, purple pentagons, pink octagonal gems and a square ruby. All in different shapes, and with different rewards and prizes. These jewels are the ordinary symbols, and pays between 10.00 and 50.00 in win per bet, depending on what jewel you land on the reels, and how many of them. 

Apart from these, you also have a few special symbols. These are among others the Lightning symbol and the Coin symbol, which both can trigger a feature each. You also have the Wild coin symbol, which is the games´ Wild. But we will get more into this soon! 

Gems of the Gods theme, graphics, and music

Gems of the Gods is clearly inspired by puzzle games, and by the Greek Gods and Goddesses kingdom, Mount Olympus. The Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and was notable in the Greek mythology as the home of all Gods and Goddesses. Humans were never allowed up there among their houses and grand palaces. The Gods were all lead by Zeus, who ruled over the other 12 Gods. It was a paradise where they could enjoy feasts of nectar and ambrosia – a paradise above the clouds that only the Gods could reach. 

It is a pretty fascinating story if you read more into it, but now you don´t have to. In Gems of the Gods, you will enter this sacred mountain to see what the clouds are hiding. You can instantly see that the theme is inspired by this story. 

You can see the mountain in the background of the game with a path leading up to the big palace at the very top. The waterfalls are streaming down the mountain-side. You are up in the clouds, the fluffy white clouds, where the view is like no other. 

The design and the graphics are very well-done with details and colours that are very smooth and calming. It goes from light pink, to light purple, and variates in different shapes. It is simply stunning! The reels are set in the middle of the screen, with a square surrounding the ”puzzle”, all in crust gold. Next to it you have the multiplier meter, which can show you a winning multiplier. It is, to say the least a unique, yet simple slot to get a hang of. 

Gems of the Gods payout

Gems of the Gods offers a 5x5 grid where the goal is to match up the jewels in lines to get the rewards. To win, you need to match at least three symbols in the grid, either horizontally or vertically. When hitting win, a multiplier will be implemented. 

The bests available range between a minimum of €0.20 and a max bet of €100, making this a great game for all types of wallets and referrals. 

The game is of low/medium volatility, meaning that the wins don´t come too frequently, but they do come, and they are quite rewarding as they do. 

Gems of the Gods bonus game

Gems of the Gods does not offer any specific bonus game since it puts its better focus on other features. 

But if you are fond of the theme of Gods and their world, with an additional bonus game, then you should check out Hall of Gods. It offers an entertaining gameplay, with a bonus game where you have to destroy shields with a hammer. This can lead to high wins and jackpots. 

Gems of the Gods free spins

On top of the reel set, you can see three coins set up – these are positioned on reels 1, 3, and 5. When you land a win, the symbols will disappear, and these gold coins will then drop down. If you manage to clear a whole line, and one out of three coins hits the bottom of the row, you will trigger 5 free spins. 

This is not all, though if more coins fall to the bottom, these coins can turn into Wild symbols for these 5 free spins. The more you get, the more you will win!

Gems of the Gods game features

Lightning symbol

The lightning symbol can appear on reel 2 and 4, randomly. This symbol can transform itself into another gem, to grant you with more winning combinations. 

Don´t forget the multipliers! When you hit a win, those symbols will disappear and the multiplier increases between 1x and 8x your bet. The higher your win goes, the higher the multiplier gets. 

We hope that this sounds intriguing to you! It is time to become the very first human to visit the home of the Gods, Mount Olympus, and see what treasures you may find! Best of luck to you!