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Gargoyle Infinity Reels Introduction 

The first game from young provider Boomerang Studios available here at Videoslots Casino, Gargoyle Infinity Reels comes through a partnership with ReelPlay. This brings the slot's titular feature, Infinity Reels. In case you are not familiar, Infinity Reels slots generally start with 3 reels, but if your spin results in a win then another reel will be added to the game. If this reel contributes to the current win then another reel will be added, and the process repeats until the newest reel fails to add to any of the current paylines. Boomerang Studios combines this novel mechanic with a chunky gothic aesthetic and a free spins round that has the rows, as well as the reels, grow in size. This comes about through the wilds, which when landed during the free spins will add another row to the next reel, up to a maximum of 6 rows. In case a wild lands on a 6-row reel then you will earn an random jackpot! Now let us take a closer look at Gargoyle Infinity Reels and find out more as to what it is all about!

The word "gargoyle" comes from the French "gargouille," which means "throat" or "gullet." It actually comes from architecture, specifically that of the Gothic kind, and refers to a carving with a spout designed to move water from the roof or away from the side of a building. This prevents rainwater to run down the walls and eroding the mortar. These were carved in the form of fantastic creatures with open mouths, through which the water would flow. Notre-Dame de Paris is particularly famous for its many gargoyles, which come shapes ranging from the humorous to the outright terrifying! 

Gargoyle Infinity Reels Game Features 

Gargoyle Infinity Reels is a slot that starts off with 3 reels, each featuring 3 rows. The Infinity Reels mechanic kicks in whenever you get a win on these initial reels, which requires either 3 matching symbols on adjacent reels or 2 adjacent reels and a scatter. Once this happens then another reel will be added to the slot, which spins to produce a set of symbols. If any of these contribute to the current win then another reel will be added, and so on for a potentially unlimited number of times. The Infinity Reels only stop once the last reel does not add to any wins on the reels, in which case payouts are calculated and paid out. 

Forming wins on the potentially infinite reels is a selection of 8 paying symbols. These consist of 4 gargoyles in green, red, pink and blue, as well as the traditional spade, heart, diamond and club card suits. The reels also hold a wild, which is a big gargoyle in green. This animated character can substitute for all symbols except the scatter, a green and purple jewel which will trigger the free spins if you land 3 or more in a single spin. 

Gargoyle Infinity Reels Free Spins and Bonuses 

Landing 3 or more scatters earns you 10 free spins. During this round you can potentially increase the number of rows on the reels through the wilds. Land a wild and the next reel added to the slot has an extra row. Landing more wilds adds more rows, up to a maximum of 6. Get a wild on a reel 6 rows tall and you will win a random jackpot worth either 3x, 4x, 5x, 20x, 50x, 100x or 888x the current bet. This also ends the current spin. 

Gargoyle Infinity Reels Payouts 

The biggest payline in Gargoyle Infinity Reels is one consisting of 6 or more symbols. In this case the green gargoyle brings the biggest payout at up to 8x the stake, followed by the red gargoyle at up to 4x, the pink gargoyle at 3.2x and the blue gargoyle at 2.4x. All the low-paying card suits are worth up to 0.8x the bet. In addition, 6 or more scatters will bring 4x the bet. 

Gargoyle Infinity Reels Graphics and Sound 

Gargoyle Infinity Reels features chunky visuals that, considering the subject matter, are suitably gothic in style. The slot is set high atop a cathedral, and overlooks a stormy sky complete with occasional flashes of thunder and lightning. In turn the reels are bordered with elaborate stonework complete with a pair of gargoyle carvings, one on each side. More gargoyles show up on the reels, with the four high-paying symbols being such creatures. That said the true star is the wild, which is not only the biggest gargoyle on the reels but also fully animated! Topping off the slot is a soundtrack that is equal parts lively and sinister, further complementing the atmosphere of the reel spinning action. 

Gargoyle Infinity Reels Conclusion 

Boomerang Studios brings a different take on the Infinity Reels slot with Gargoyle Infinity Reels. This is not only through the visual style, which is certainly unique, but also with the free spins, which have the reels growing in height once a wild is landed. That is more than enough reason to check out Gargoyle Infinity Reels here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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