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Although is at the top of modern high tech video slots gaming industry, we are proud to mix it up with some medieval spirit and so we are proudly presenting Forsaken Kingdom! Beware, a storm is approaching! This truly epic five-reel, twenty pay line video slot machine embedded within a dark medieval setting is based on the world-famous Arthurian Legend at the dark middle ages. Our trusted game provider Rabcat´s premium production excels through many unique features and a Hollywood-like blockbuster orchestration that would make himself, movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer proud. Here, it is your job to gather the Knights of the Round Table and release the extreme power of Excalibur to defeat the evil darkness and save the ones you love and care. Are you afraid to walk the path of valour? You most sure should be.

Forsaken Kingdom sends the player on a heroic mission to unknown and throws her/him in a dark and hostile environment of the empire of the British Islands. As King Arthur, player has to face various challenges, deadly threats and spine chilling excitement. At the very core of the game mechanism is the unique Round Table of Fortune feature. There the goal is to gather twelve brave knights around the Round Table by collecting the very rare shield symbols. With each shield symbol collected another knight comes and takes a seat at the legendary Round Table. The feature gets triggered as soon as the last knight has arrived and taken his place.

Another strong feature in Forsaken Kingdom is driven by free spins. That is not all, furthermore, the game is enriched with very appealing sub features ranging from the romantic Eternal Love feature, the eye-pleasing Guinevere stacked wild feature to the mighty Epic Battle bonus. These highlights are rounded off with the Excalibur win symbol by proposing ultra-high winning opportunities.

Forsaken Kingdom by Rabcat defines the very peak of Rabcat’s game development and visual production capabilities in graphics, sounds and music. This premium video slot contains possibility for great wins and offers great cinematic experience to the gaming audience, a true entertainment suitable for all players who are looking for outstanding game content. This game has some top quality with some superb gloomy graphics and awesomely great sound effects including King Arthur cheering for you every time you land a decent win. Lots of those sweet bonus features including the Round Table Of Fortune almost guarantees that you won’t leave empty handed. This beauty of a game is most surely worth checking out. is very happy to have this new super awesome game on the site and offer it our players. We are sure that it won’t disappoint even the hard core players, and it has that high end entertainment value that even a video slots rookie cannot resist. So, how about a trip to the middle ages? Be sure to have some room under your armour, because you probably won’t be leaving home empty handed after this money making journey. Knights of the wishes you good luck, like you would need it, Sir.