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Hi there! Good to see you here and want to try out our amazing game from the game provider GamesOS. This Five ace video poker game is exactly how it is sounds like, get the five aces and you win the highest prize. In this game you will meet the best quality and smoothness you can find in the video game forest. During the game you will sit down with the big bad wolf on the left side of the screen. Can you see him? Good! He is the one you need to beat and get the best cards possible, oh and his name is Jizzly. So back to the game, Five aces is a video poker game that makes use of a special 53-card deck with an extra Ace. This extra Ace can help make ace pairs, 3-of-a-kind,4-of-a-kind, or you do as I would and just hit the 5 aces for the top prize pretty easy if you ask Jizzly. 

GamesOS have been growing and building up as a game provider with extensive high quality on their games and constantly delivering amazing products to the market of online gaming. In addition to their video pokers they also have high quality video slots and other popular casino games.  

When you enter the game you have a few options, first you start out with clicking the plus or minus buttons in the middle of the screen just under the cards. When you feel satisfied with the bets you click the “Deal” button on the right side of the bet setups. Over the cards you can see the pay table so you know what to get to make Jizzly angry. After that you will be handed five cards if you want you can choose if you want to hold any of the cards for the next draw. To hold the card for the next round, click on the card once. When you feel satisfied with your pick click the Deal-button again and the rest of the cards will be replaced with new cards. The new cards and the held cards will form your final hand and your winnings will be awarded by it.

If you want to try to beat Jizzly and try the game and get to know the game before you start playing with real money you can try it out with play money. Just font forget to log out from your account and then just enter the game again to start your test round with play money. But please keep in mind that you win also are in play money, unfortunately. 

We at and the game providers GamesOS warmly welcome you to this amazing video poker game and we are sure that you are going to love it as much as we do. We wish you the best of luck against Jizzly and will cross our fingers that he doesn’t want to do anything crazy. Good luck!