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El Paso Saloon Introduction

From game provider Game360 comes a beautiful game in the form of El Paso Saloon, a video slot set in the good old Wild West.

The Wild West Cowboy theme has been thoroughly explored throughout the history of video slots, but El Paso Saloon is not so much about introducing something new and groundbreaking as it is about delivering a familiar theme in a better way then anyone has ever done before. Whether or not this is the best Wild West-themed video slot around is always open for discussion, but one thing is clear: El Paso Saloon will make you forget everything else as it will have you spinning for hours. 

El Paso Saloon Game Features

El Paso Saloon comes with 5 reels, 3 rows and a total of 25 fixed paylines.

This is a video slot that focuses on a solid main game and beautiful design being enough to keep you interested, and when the result is as thorough and entertaining as El Paso Saloon, well, you will surely be interested. But you will not succeed with a minimalistic gameplay if this is not matched by an equally elegant design. Luckily, the guys at Game360 are aware of this and they have therefore made sure that El Paso Saloon is easy to interact with. A good example of that is the game’s auto-play feature. This is located to the left of the spin button and it is a very delighting little feature as it allows you to select not only how many times you want the game to auto-play (anything between 5 and 100 times), but you are also given the opportunity to toggle the Fast Mode. This is simply a mode that makes the symbols on the 5 reels fall faster, but it is still a very pleasing feature as it simply speeds up the gameplay.

El Paso Saloon Free Spins & Bonuses

The bonus features do a good job in spicing up the game experience. First up is the Bonus Game, triggered by landing 3 Bonus symbols in one spin and will reward you with multipliers from 5x all the way up to a whopping 100x your initial bet. 

The game’s second bonus feature is known as Wild West Instant Win. This is activated by landing the Outlaw symbol next to the loot symbol, something which results in an instant win. Instant wins pay 10x your bet. 

El Paso Saloon also comes with classic Wild and Scatter symbols. Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols with the exception of the Scatter and Bonus, whilst 3 Scatter symbols in a row reward you with 2 free spins, 4 give you 5, and 5 Scatters result in as many as 5 free spins. 

El Paso Saloon Payouts

A look in the paytable is always smart as this reveal which symbols we should hope to combine for maximum payout. The paytable shows us that the low-value symbols in El Paso Saloon come in the form of card symbols. Our medium value symbols are represented by the cowboy, the outlaw and a whiskey bottle, whilst the high-value symbols come in the form of a dollar marked bag followed by the businessman and finished off by the Sheriff’s badge. 

El Paso Saloon Graphics & Sound

You are quickly introduced to nice sound effects and joyful music, a fact that definitely sets the tone for the game. Everything is happening at a high tempo and a feeling of joy is unavoidable when spinning the reels on El Paso Saloon. 

This game takes place in a classic American saloon, something which is made clear not only by the name of the slot but also by the design of the game as the background we get to play on, clearly comes in the form of a saloon. A wooden floor, round wooden tables and shelf upon shelf packed with liquor bottles are not a bad setting for a video slot. Against this lovely and inviting background, we find our game board. This comes with a beautiful brown, wooden frame and contains our playing symbols. 

El Paso Saloon Conclusion

El Paso Saloon is not the most complicated game in the world, yet it is a game which manages to combine a minimalistic and entertaining main game with flawless graphics and entertaining bonus features, something which results in a near perfect video slot. You cannot afford to miss El Paso Saloon from Game360, it is simply too good for that. 

About the Provider

With mobile gaming becoming one of the new big things, Game360 took this into consideration and started to compete with the biggest companies out there – and surely the company stands a great chance of being one of the big competitions. 

Andrea Guzzon was the main mind behind it – the launch of Game360 came in 2011, by this entrepreneur. His goal was to create the first mobile gambling company made-in-Italy. In 2015, Guzzon led his company to success until the acquisition by NYX Gaming Group – and is now the company´s managing director. Since then, the company has continued to rise, and is today a supplier of both online and mobile software, and offers a vast set of cross-media and solutions to the gaming, casino, and gambling industry´s national and international, leading operators.

All games by Game360 are developed using the latest technology and are designed based on creative analysis of user experience to ensure high-quality gaming experiences.

Following the completion of the game creation, each game is put through strong testing and verification as part of the quality assurance process – making sure all players are playing it safe.

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