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Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab Introduction 

Who is Dr Wildshock and what exactly is going on in his Mad Loot Lab? We can't tell for sure, but we do know that all sorts of crazy experiments are going on in this mad scientist's lair. Take, for instance, this 5-reel, 5-row slot made by Microgaming partner Gold Coin Studios. It features an unusual "any adjacent pays" system which has winning combinations formed by landing 3 or more matching symbols in vertically or adjacent positions on the reels. These winning combinations can start from anywhere on the reels, and the symbols making them will be removed through the cascade-style Rolling Reels feature. Land a wild in a winning combination and it will increase the multiplier by +1 for the next cascade. Keep an eye out on the red exploding wilds! If a red wild makes part of a win then it will add up to 4 regular yellow wilds in random positions on the reels, potentially bringing about even more wins. Wilds are even key for the free spins, since collecting the required amount through wins in a single spin can trigger the feature! Of course this is not all one can discover in Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab, so let us take a closer look as we find out what else it has in store. 

Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab Game Features

Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab is a slot featuring 5 reels, 5 rows and an any adjacent pays win system. This means winning combinations are formed by landing at least 3 matching symbols in vertically or horizontally adjacent positions, starting from anywhere on the reels. Winning symbols are removed from the grid, leading to the cascade-style rolling reels feature as new symbols drop in the empty space, potentially forming more wins. In the case of new winning combinations then the rolling reels process repeats until no more wins are formed. Making these wins are 8 paying symbols, which are equally divided between high and low pays. On the high-paying side are the titular scientist, a robot, a frog-rat mutant and a brain in a jar, while the low pays consist of a ray gun, a button, a flask and a magnet. The final symbols on the reels are the wilds, of which there are 2 kinds. Regular yellow wilds can substitute for all symbols, while exploding red wilds will add up to 4 yellow wilds in random positions on the reels if they make part of a winning combination. If a wild makes part of a winning combination it will also increase the round multiplier for the next roll. The multiplier starts at 1x and grows by +1 on each roll featuring a winning combination with a wild. Finally, the wilds making part of wins are collected in the meter on the left-hand side of the screen. This shows the number of winning wilds required to trigger the free spins, which changes on each spin and can vary from 3 to 8. 

Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab Free Spins and Bonuses 

Collecting the required amount of spins denoted on the meter awards you with 10 free spins. The round plays out using the same bet as the triggering spin, and collecting the required amount of wilds (which during the free spins varies from 5 to 6) on the same spin adds +3 free spins to the total. Where available you can also pay to trigger the free spins. This costs 40x the bet and can be accessed by pressing the green "Buy" button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. 

Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab Payouts 

The mad scientist is the highest paying symbol on the reels, with a full payline of 5 being worth up to 15x the bet. The robot can bring up to 5x the bet, the frog-rat 2.5x and the brain 2x. All the low pays - the ray gun, button, flask and magnet - can earn you 1x the bet. In addition, landing a winning combination of 5 wilds is worth 60x the bet. 

Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab Graphics and Sound 

Gold Coin Studios employs a suitably zany art style for Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab. The game does take place in front of an admittedly rather plain grey wall - if one built using extremely irregular looking brickwork - but the actual reels making the slot more than make up for it. This is because they are packed with stylised symbols featuring the mad scientist of the title and his clearly crazy experiments. Form a winning combination and the game comes to electric life, with symbols zapped off the reels and new ones dropping in their place. On the right-hand side is the meter showing how many wilds are currently required to trigger the free spins, while on the left are all the controls necessary for playing the slot. 

Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab Conclusion 

Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab is truly a slot with a difference, from its unique adjacent pays system to its colourful and whacky theme. Of course there's also the wilds, which can not only substitute for all other symbols but also increase the round multiplier, trigger the free spins and even add more wilds to the reels! Make sure to check out Dr Wildshock Mad Loot Lab here at Videoslots Casino today! 

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