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Play Diamond Diggin online: Check out our slot review below

Welcome to Diamond Diggin! Diamond Diggin is a five wheel, three rows and fifteen payline video slot with a really cool theme that is set in a mine full of diamonds which are matching the sound effects when the reels are spinning. In this game you will see the standard card deck suit symbols, a helmet, a lantern,  the mining pick, the wild symbol, bonus round symbol and much more.

To start the game, you need to choose how many paylines you want to activate and how much you want to bet. You can click the ”Click to change” button to change whow much you want to bet. If you don’t know how much you want to bet or you want to go with the fastest way to play, you can click the ”Bet Max” button and the game will play with all the paylines activated and the maximum of bet.

The wagon with all the gold in it is the wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes for all symbol except bonus and scatter. The wild symbol will be your helping hand of missing symbols. The wild symbol will award you after a paytable. If you get 2 wild symbols you will get 10 credits, 3 wild symbols will give you  75 credits, 4 wild symbols will give you 1500 credits and if you get 5 wild symbols you will get 100000 in credits. So the wild symbols can help you win big!

If you get three bonus symbols on any active paylines the bonus round will be triggered. In the bonus round you will see a boy in a wagon on the rails in a cole mine. You have to decide if the wagon is going left or right when it comes to a crossroad. There will be diamonds on the rails that you want to get as much as you can of as it will pay you in the end. You can see in the left corner how much each diamond will pay. The bonus round will en when the rails stops and the boy will be thrown off by the wagon. After the bonus round is done you will see all your winnings in the display.

The free spins will be awarded when three or more free spins symbols are scattered on the reels. The free spins will award you after a paytable. If you get 3 free spins symbols you will get five free spins, if you get 4 free spins symbols you will get fifteen free spins and if you get 5 symbols you will be awarded forty free spins! Have an eye on the free spins symbols as they can help you a lot in this game.

In the bottom of the game you can see your credits, total bet and winnings. You can go to the ”Payouts” button to see how much each symbol will award you and which active line you can play.

If you feel to dig in the cole mines and win a lot of money from our great features like the free spins and the bonus round, then this is the game that you don’t want to miss out on!