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The desert is a vast, open stretch right in front of you. Nobody in sight for miles (well, that’s why they call it the desert). Your car stereo is on full blast and the engine is revving. Look over to your competitor before this epic head to head. You only need to trust your instincts as you hit the gas hard and… GO! The smell of burning rubber fills the air as you speed off the start line leaving a cloud of dust behind you.

Welcome to Desert Drag, a turbocharged 3D video slot from Booming Games. Players are in for the spin of a lifetime in this 5-reel, 9 payline slot themed in the American desert. Spin the reels and stay on your lane: there’s a maximum jackpot worth 30,000 coins and prizes up to 10,000 times the amount of the original bet.

Desert Drag main game

You might be disappointed about being unable to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds, but on the upside, Desert Drag brings you all the entertainment without having to worry about running out of fuel in the middle of the desert. To play, all you have to do is to select how many of the nine paylines you wish to play with and how big a wager you wish to place – starting from a mere 0.03 credits to a maximum of 3.00 per line.

Desert Drag gives you the chance to benefit from a few special symbols that appear on the reels every so often: the standard wild and the scatter symbols. The wild is represented by the black-and-flaming American muscle car, while the scatter is represented by a set of flashing police lights. 

The Wild gives you a better chance to create winning lines since it substitutes all the normal paying icons and doubles your normal win; note, however, it doesn’t replace the scatter symbol. You will be rewarded with a reward of 1x, 5x, 10x and 100x whenever two, three, four or five scatters appear on the reels in any position. The Wild x2 symbol is a special that can substitute for all others, including the scatter symbol. All active payline wins that include any number of wilds are therefore doubled once.

As with most of Booming Games’s productions, a 10-minute safety disconnection measure applies to Desert Drag. If you are disconnected, you only have to log in again and continue from where you left off.

Desert Drag theme, graphics, and sound

Booming Games have done quite a job with their graphics too: Desert Drag is really beautiful to look at with its sunset-on-desert-cactus scenery. The five reels feature beautiful icons of powerful, realistic muscle cars (the Mustang and the Corvette, and a flaming muscle car with the engine sticking out of its front hood, like they would in the US of A) as well as cockpit interiors, nitro buttons and smoking engines. The reels spin flawlessly and you even have an option for Quickspin. The music is guitar-based as you’d expect from something that screams Americana in the way Desert Drag does.

Desert Drag payout

Desert Drag’s paytable is another stunner, offering a range of line bet multipliers that could go up to a massive 10,000x. Your highest prize will be five yellow cars lined up on any of the game’s 9 paylines, which will very neatly park 30,000 credits in your garage. The second highest prize are the five red cars (5,000x) and then five women waving the chequered flag for a maximum win of 3,000x. 

You can play with as many paylines as you like – from one to nine – for a minimum wager of 0.03 credits up to a maximum of 27 credits. So, it’s fine if you’d rather cruise along the desert instead of putting your foot down for long stretches, or even compete in the snail race. Of course, if you’re all about driving at breakneck speed, the harder you hit the pedal the bigger the chances of winning the jackpot.

While only the highest win on the paylines will be paid, scatter symbols can pay out winnings without appearing consecutively on the active payline. Scatter symbols (max 2700 credits for 5 hits) must be on adjacent reels for you to win some credits, starting from the leftmost or rightmost reel, although they do not need to follow the paylines. Scatter wins are calculated according to the total bet per round. 

In cases where there is more than one win on a single spin, the total winnings are added together and shown in the “Win” field, and added immediately to your balance. The win field will show you your last win until you win again.

Desert Drag free spins

Desert Drag doesn’t offer free spins in the traditional sense of the game, however you have double the opportunity to win thanks to the Perma 2-Way Pay feature. Booming games have created a unique feature where combinations can be formed from both sides of the screen, that is, from left to right AND from right to left. Double the wins, double the thrills! Perma 2-Way Pay’s engine is always turned on and only the highest wins in both directions on the active paylines will be paid. 

Desert Drag conclusion

Drag Racing and motorsport enthusiasts alike will love this slot by Booming Games, and so will those who appreciate the many high quality online games available on Besides the graphics, the nine payline combinations and the Perma 2-Way Pay feature make Desert Drag a favourite of the high octane category. So – step on it and speed off into the distance with Desert Drag!