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Cubes 2 Introduction 

Back in 2020 Hacksaw Gaming released a slot named Cubes. Part of the Pocketz series, a range of smaller games designed primarily for mobile users, Cubes might look unassuming, but the simple facade hides a clever little take on the cluster slot. Get a winning cluster of 5 or more matching cubes and the 5x5 grid will expand, leading to potentially more wins and an even bigger grid! Now Hacksaw Gaming gets set for a sequel, with the perhaps obviously titled Cubes 2. 

The concept remains much like that of the first game, being based around forming clusters of 5 or more matching cubes on the 5x5 grid, but it does introduce a few welcome changes to the cube-spinning action. For instance, whereas the first Cubes had an "X" cube right in the middle of the grid that brought about a multiplier feature, Cubes 2 replaces this with 4 "X" cubes in the corners of the playing area. Get a winning cluster with one of these X cubes and the resulting payout gets a multiplier equal to the number of cubes making the cluster. Create a cluster that connects with multiple X cubes and the multiplier will increase in size! And that is not all that hides within the spinning cubes that make the Cubes 2 grid, so let now take a closer look into what this game is all about. 

Cubes 2 Game Features

Cubes 2 is a cluster slot set on a 5x5 grid made out of, well cubes. Being a cluster slot means wins require 5 or more cubes of a matching colour that are adjacent either vertically or horizontally. Cubes come in a total of 6 different colours, yellow, blue, orange, green, pink and purple. Forming a winning cluster causes the grid to grow by 1 cube in every direction, reaching 7x7 in size. This growth in size can happen for 2 more times (by, once again, forming winning clusters) until the grid reaches a maximum size of 11x11. As a result, wins are only paid out when the grid stops expanding. Once the spin is over the grid returns to the original 5x5 size. 

You will notice how each cover of the initial 5x5 grid has a white "X". These are the corner multipliers. If you form a cluster with one of these X cubes, then the payout gets a multiplier that is equal to the amount of cubes forming the cluster. In the case a winning cluster contains multiple X cubes then the multipliers are added up before being multiplied with the win. For example, if a cluster of 9 cubes connects with two X cubes then the total multiplier is 18x. 

Cubes 2 Free Spins and Features 

Hacksaw Gaming has also included a free spins feature in Cubes 2. On top of the grid you will notice the letters forming CUBES. Each of these letters lights up when you form a cluster with a different colour. Light all the letters with clusters in 5 different colours in a single spin and you will get 5 free spins. This starts off by your picking a mystery cube, which will reveal a colour. This colour of cube gets sticky for the duration of the round. Before the free spins start you can also get up to 12 more free spins through the mystery cubes. During this round the grid does not decrease in size between spins, and Hacksaw Gaming says you can get a maximum win reaching up to 10,500x the stake. 

Cubes 2 features a second, different round of free spins known as the multi-colour free spins. These are triggered by getting all four corner multiplier cubes in the same coloru in the initial spin. This will earn you a random number of free spins ranging from 5 to 10 based on your pick from the mystery cubes. In addition, all colours picked from the mystery cubes will turn sticky during this round. The grid also does not decrease in size between spins during the multi-colour free spins, and the maximum win for this round can reach up to 7,500x the stake. 

Finally, where available you can pay for a round of free spins by clicking the blue "Buy Bonus" button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. This costs either 109x the stake for a round of multi-colour free spins or 129x for a round of regular free spins. 

Cubes 2 Payouts 

The maximum size a cluster can reach in Cubes 2 is 25 or over, and all cubes can bring the same payout at up to 40x the stake. 

Cubes 2 Graphics and Sound 

Hacksaw Gaming keeps things simple and clean here, even if still adds its typical visual flourishes. The game grid is actually made out of cubes, which pop out and flip around whenever you press the spin button. This grid is set on a plain blue-green background decorated with a geometric motif. The game logo is set on top of the grid, while underneath you will find the control buttons in dark grey. The most important of these is, of course, the big spin button. On the lower left-hand corner you will also spot the Buy Bonus button in blue. Audio is minimal, and consists of a dramatic sound effect that kicks in whenever you spin the grid. 

Cubes 2 Conclusion 

As mentioned in the start of this review, Cubes 2 might appear to be a simple game but it features plenty of depth. The growing grid adds to the win potential, and the game features not one, but two takes on the free spins round. This is truly a case of not judging a book by its cover, and you can check it out right here at Videoslots Casino today!