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Crazy Mix Introduction 

Young games developer TrueLab looked to the so-called "land down under" for inspiration as it was working on Crazy Mix. The result? A 5-reel, 3-row slot packed with quirky characters and an even quirkier bonus feature. The game features a pair of characters as the wilds, Aneka and Chuck. When landed, the Chuck wild will trigger a respin where he throws his boomerang in order to collect fruit from the special sixth reel. He needs to collect 4 fruits in total in order to make a cocktail. What does a cocktail do? It brings you 5 free spins, together with a set of bonus features based on the fruits that make it! Wonder what a red quandong or a finger lime will add to this particular slot cocktail? Well, you just need to read on to find out, mate! 

The continent of Australia is something of a crazy mix itself. After all, it is not only the oldest, flattest and driest inhabited continent, it is also a megadiverse land. This is due to its size, which allows for deserts in the centre, tropical rainforests in the north-east and mountain ranges in the south-east. The land has also been geographically isolated for a long time, allowing for a full range of extremely unique animals. These include the platypus and echidna, both being egg-laying mammals, as well as marsupials such as the kangaroo, koala and wombat. 

Crazy Mix Game Features 

Crazy Mix is a slot featuring 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 fixed paylines formed by landing 3 or more matching symbols on adjacent reels. Paylines always start from reel 1, moving from left to right. Forming these paylines is a selection of 8 paying symbols. There are 2 high pays, the koala and the kangaroo, while the turtle and lizard are the mid pays. Making the low pays are the familiar A, K, Q and J card royals. The final 2 symbols on the reels are the wilds, Anelka and Chuck. Both can substitute for all symbols in order to complete paylines, but Chuck also has his own special ability which we will detail in the next section. The minimum bet is € 0.15 and the max. bet is € 6.

Crazy Mix Free Spins and Bonuses

While Crazy Mix has 5 reels, you will notice a sixth reel spinning as well. This is the fruit reel which comes into play whenever you land a Chuck wild. When this happens you get a respin, the progressive multiplier grows by +1 and Chuck throws his boomerang at the fruit reel, picking up a fruit in the process. Fruits are collected in the meter on top of the reel, which is filled with 4 fruits. Once this happens you get 5 Cocktail Free Spins, which play out with the multiplier equal to that gained by the last respin. In addition, the fruits making the cocktail add their own bonuses to the free spins. Each fruit has its own properties, which are as follows: 

  • Red Quandong - Adds 1 random wild to each spin. 
  • Blue Quandong - Awards you with a cash prize worth one third of the bet is multiplied by the current multiplier. 
  • Finger Lime - Increases the current multiplier by +1. 
  • Jackfruit - Adds +1 free spin to the round. 

Crazy Mix Payouts 

The 2 wilds are the highest paying symbols, since both are worth up to 90x the bet for a full payline. Of the regular symbols, the koala and kangaroo are the highest paying at up to 24x the bet, followed by the turtle and lizard at up to 12x. All low paying card royals, on the other hand, are worth up to 4x the stake. 

Crazy Mix Graphics and Sound 

Crazy Mix takes place in a boldly painted vision of the Australian outback, one complete with strange native trees standing high across a powder blue sky. The slot itself is on red stone, with exception of the fruit reel which is a flourishing plant. Note the bowl set beneath it, and the bird eagerly waiting for the fruits to drop! On the right-hand side you will certainly notice the animated form of Chuck, who appears eager to take part in the game! Going back to the reels, the symbols on these are in a comical, almost cartoony style and come complete with vibrant colours that truly pop on the screen. As for the music this is a typically Aussie affair heavy on the native local instruments that lend a lively beat to the reel spinning action.  

Crazy Mix Conclusion 

As the name suggests, Crazy Mix something of a crazy slot mix! While it might look straightforward enough with its 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 paylines, Crazy Mix quickly reveals its unusual take on the bonus round, as the fruits found on the sixth reel will lend their own flavour to the cocktail that's this game’s take on the free spins round. So head down under and check out Crazy Mix here at Videoslots Casino today! 

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.