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Cluster Slide Introduction 

ELK Studios bring a different take on the traditional cluster slot - different enough one could perhaps describe it as alien! After all, this game takes place on a strange planet whose science fiction landscape is dominated by a 7x8 grid inhabited by unusually wobbly squares. These squares are the game's symbols, which come in different colours. In true cluster slot fashion wins in this game require landing groups of 5 or more matching symbols that are touching either vertically or horizontally. Winning clusters disappear from the grid, bringing about what ELK Studios calls an Avalanches as new symbols slide - explaining the game's name - in their place. That said, the game's main feature is the wilds. There are 6 of these, with one regular wild that is merely able to substitute for all symbols (except the Bonus symbol) and 5 Feature Wilds. Each Feature Wild brings a unique game modifier whenever making part of a winning cluster, such as expanding into giant 2x2 form or adding a multiplier to the round. Then there is the Generator, which fills up with wins and can add even more wilds to the game! There is a lot going on in Cluster Slide, so let us take a closer look at this game and learn what it is all about!

Cluster Slide Game Features

Cluster Slide is a slot set on 7 reels and 8 rows. It is of the cluster variety, meaning wins are formed whenever 5 or more matching symbols land connected to each other either vertically or horizontally. Wins trigger a cascade-style Avalanche, with the symbols making any clusters grid disappearing from grid and new ones sliding in their place, from right to left. Avalanches can bring about more wins, and the process only stops once there are no more clusters on the grid. In addition, successive wins fill the Generator on the upper left-hand corner of the grid. When full, this generator adds more Feature Wilds to the grid. Fill the Generator 5 times in a single spin and a 5x multiplier will be applied to all subsequent winning clusters. 

The game has a total of 8 regular symbols with which to form clusters. These are divided between high-paying furry symbols and low-paying smooth symbols, all coming in red, yellow, purple or green. Also found on the grid are 6 different wilds. Regular pink wilds can substitute for all symbols except the Bonus symbol and the 5 Feature Wilds, which come in red, rainbow, purple, blue or green. Each of these wilds triggers a unique modifier whenever making part of a winning cluster, which are as follows: 

  • Big: Expands a random symbol into 2x2 sized giant form.
  • Random: Replaces 2-4 regular symbols with wilds. 
  • Multiplier: Increases the round multiplier by +1.
  • Upgrading: Upgrades all occurrences of a random symbol into a higher value version. 
  • Removing: Removes all occurrences of a random symbol type from the grid. 

As mentioned earlier, Cluster Slide also has a Bonus symbol, which is a crystal "B". Land 3 of these in a single spin to trigger the Wild Drops round. 

Cluster Slide Free Spins and Bonuses 

Landing 3 or more Bonus symbols on the grid triggers the Wild Drops round. This consists of 3 spins, each adding a different number of wilds to the grid. The first spin turns all Bonus symbols into wilds before adding 3 more wilds. The second drop adds two 2x2 wilds to the grid, and the third adds one 3x3 wild. This round can be retriggered by, once again, landing 3 Bonus symbols. 

Cluster Slide Payouts 

Cluster Slide calculates its biggest cluster as consisting of 15 or more matching symbols. In this case, the red furry symbol can bring the biggest payout at up to 500x the stake. The furry yellow symbol follows at up to 300x the bet, while the furry purple and green symbols are respectively worth up to 150x and 100x the bet respectively. Moving on to the low-paying smooth symbols, the red and yellow will earn you up to 4x the bet and the purple and green 3x. 

Cluster Slide Graphics and Sound 

ELK Studios brings a surprisingly great looking game with Cluster Slot. The impressive visuals start off with the background and its vast alien landscape complete with strange rock formations and multiple planets hanging overhead in the night sky. The slot itself is appears to be carved out of purple crystals, and the square symbols making the game. These appear simple at first, but wins make them come to life as they grow eyes and smiling mouths before disappearing from the grid. These squares also wobble in a rather satisfying fashion whenever the drop and slide in the game, making for an even more delightful gameplay experience. 

Cluster Slide Conclusion 

Cluster Slide is a cluster slot that is both surprisingly different and extremely fun to play! The various animations already make for a very satisfying game, but the addition of its different wilds and Wild Drops bonus round make it a must to check out right here at Videoslots Casino today! 

Gambling is a form of adult entertainment only. You must be over 18 to play. Play responsibly.