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Play Changing Fate 40 online: Check out our slot review below

Changing Fate 40 Introduction

Ancient Greek mythology gave us the three sister deities: Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos – better known as the Fates – who would spin every individual thread of human destiny. 

Now, you can take charge and make your own destiny by taking Changing Fate 40 out for a spin. 

Changing Fate 40 Game Features

Changing Fate 40 is a 5-reel, 40 payline (hence the name) mythology-themed slot offering more than decent payouts. Set your wager from as little as 1 to a maximum of 40 paylines, with a minimum bet amount of € 0.01 and a maximum of € 100.

Aside from the Spartan helmets, the Trojan shields and the mythical coiled serpents, the place where this game really shines is its fantastic bonus features and minigame.

Changing Fate 40 Free Spins and Bonuses

The best things in life are free and so it is with this super slot – spin 5 or more scatter symbols left to right and you can trigger up to a whopping 80 free games, plus a “changing fate” bonus! Wildcards, in the form of a pair of alluring blue eyes, framed in gold, substitute all symbols except scatters and massively increases your chances of winning.

Congratulations, you’ve won! Dare you tempt Fate and risk it all on a single card? After spinning a winning combination you’re presented with a choice: to play a minigame and gamble your winnings or just collect them. The gamble feature gives you the chance to significantly increase, or lose all your winnings. Fortune favours the brave… or is it the foolish? Do you trust the Fates?

The mini-game itself is simple enough to play. Just predict whether the next card in a face-down deck will be black or white. Guess correctly and the winnings double, get it wrong and you lose everything. Play the mini-game till you dare no more – or until the Fates snips your lucky thread.

Changing Fate 40 Payouts

Landing five Zeus symbols gets you the chief boss god of all bonus: a jaw-dropping € 500. And if you think hitting the big jackpot is a Herculean task, well, you can also win plenty of handsome payouts in your quest there … enough weigh down a Titan!

Changing Fate 40 Graphics & Sound

While it’s true that the aesthetics may not compare favourably to the glitzy graphics of other video slots, this might just be a creative choice due to the fact that the subject matter of this slot is over 3,000 years old!

The sound effects amplify the atmosphere really effectively: while spinning the reels, a downtempo tune plays, but if a bonus tile appears, the music becomes more intense. Once a winning combination is achieved, the game ratchets up the tension with a loud ticking sound that really gets your heart going as you wrestle with the choice of gambling or collecting your winnings. 

Changing Fate 40 Conclusion

The Fates are often described in the literature as being older women, stern and severe, but the exact opposite is true of this slot. While maybe it’s not a looker compared to some other titles, this slot surely has some of the most player-friendly and generous reels around.

About the Game Provider

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