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Bork the Berzerker Hack ´N´ Slash Edition introduction

Have you ever heard of the Berzerkers – characters of the Norse mythology? The myth tells the tale of a giant with huge muscles, disfigured and slightly creepy looking. The collection of myths in the Nordic during the pre-Christian era and is most often connected to the Viking era. Maybe it was them who, with their wild imaginations, went around villages and told tales of giants and dwarfs. 

The berserkers are also told to be horrible opponents with supernatural abilities, and they were said to be undiagnosed because of the state of rage they would always end up in. The fact remained that their conditions were similar to hypnosis and since tiredness and pain would disappear, this condition could last for hours. The saying “go berserk” is still used to this day and is for a person who enters a stage a wrath and rage. 

An easy description of “berserkers” would be fantasy and reality – how confusing it might sound. But there is a fine difference between the both, and it´s hard for us to even imagine that those kinds of people existed with their supernatural powers, but they sure did! The berserkers and the wolf-skins (also known as hedonic wolfs) were special groups of skilful and dangerous warriors in connection to Odin, the God. Today, Thunderkick has also set it in stone by creating a creepy Video Slot like this. Keep reading and we will reveal all secrets this game holds. 

Bork the Berzerker Hack ´N´ Slash Edition features

As soon as you start Bork the Berzerker Hack ´N´ Slash Edition Video Slot, you are met by monster-like creatures and flaming fire hovering around in the air. When thinking more about it, there is a feeling of the underground when seeing the surroundings. 

The game grid is placed in the middle of it all and contains 5 reels over 3 rows and additional 20 fixed paylines. The winning combinations are made out from left to right on the rows. 

Bork the Berzerker Hack ´N´ Slash Edition free spins and bonuses

The most basic feature of the game is the Berzerker which acts as a Wild in the game. in the base game, you should surely keep an eye out for the third reel as only raging warriors will appear on this. In the Bonus, though, they will only appear on reels 2, 3, and 4 (which we will tell more about shortly). The Wilds steps in to substitute other symbols to then help in the creation of winning combinations. 

The Free Spins Feature of Bork the Berzerker Hack ´N´ Slash Edition is triggered when at least 3 Bonus Symbols, which are the bald monsters with pointy fingers, falls onto the reels. The number of spins you are awarded depends on how many monsters fell onto the reels. 

3 monster symbols award 10 Free Spins

4 monster symbols award 15 Free Spins

5 monster symbols award 20 Free Spins

If more monsters would turn up in the feature, you can also trigger another 20 Free Spins. 

Bork the Berzerker Hack ´N´ Slash Edition payouts

As we previously mentioned, there are 20 fixed paylines in this game. The win amount paid out depends solely on the bet you chose to play in the game, and between 3 and 5 symbols of a kind has to land for it to count as a winning combination. In the payout table, you can see a blonde, terrified girl which is the highest valued basic symbol in a combination. After this comes three green-eyed monsters, red snakes, and grey-haired fable animals. Three circles in different colours and patterns grant the lower values of the basic symbols. 

Bork the Berzerker Hack ´N´ Slash Edition graphics and music

In Bork the Berzerker Hack ´N´ Slash Edition we are thrown into an underground world – a place where disfigured humans and creepy monsters live and breathe. The backdrop continuously changes from purple, to pink and red. Along the walls are sparkle of fire flying and the reels are creatively painted with enriched and nice details. The animations are a bit more subtle, as well as the images appearing when landing a Wild. 

When the symbols create winning combinations, a yellow neon line will appear over the winning symbols to make your win clearer than ever. 

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